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India plans to extend certification scheme for chemical products such as phenol

1. July 2020

India plans to further expand the certification requirements for certain chemicals and petrochemicals, such as phenol and melamine. So far, there are very few domestic producers of these chemicals and the country is heavily dependent on imports. The new regulation is intended not only to boost domestic production, but also to ensure the safety and quality of imported products into India. The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, responsible for these products, will publish a list of all affected products soon. The announcement has been expected, but seems to be delayed due to the current pandemic.

At this time the certification can be obtained on a voluntary basis. This is recommended, since a certification period of 6-8 months is expected and the regulation will be implemented 90 days after the announcement. Currently no factory inspections can be carried out, which leads to further delays. The certification process includes product tests and a factory inspection by an Indian auditor. In addition, the plant must have appropriate test facilities on site. These requirements are described in the Indian standard (for example applicable standard for phenol is IS 538: 2000).
In addition, an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) is required for certification. If there is a subsidiary in India or an importer/dealer, they can be used as the authorized representative. If not, a third party will need to be appointed.
After successful completion, the BIS certificate will be issued and the products can be marked with the ISI logo accordingly. The BIS license is initially valid for one year only and usually requires an annual factory inspection to maintain it. After the first two years, the validity of the license is extended to two years. In addition, annual marking fees must be paid.
Please contact us to check if your product(s) is affected by the new regulation or for any questions you may have. We will gladly check, without obligation, if there is a BIS certification requirement for your products.
Please send us an email or call us at +49-69-2713769261.
You can find more information about our BIS Service Package and the BIS Certification Process here. For more information regarding the BIS certification, please read our free information booklet “BIS Certification – The Booklet“.

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