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WPC Certification Process

WPC Certification Process

Currently, the WPC certification process is the simplest of all Indian certifications, but the requirements should not be underestimated. While you can expect to receive the certificates and finish the certification process after only 6 weeks, among other things, you must first make a number of preparations which may take more time.


Which documents are required?

By default, company license, AIR (Authorized Indian Representative) information and application documents must be prepared. However, the most important documents are existing RF test reports, which 1. must not be older than two years and 2. must be performed separately for each individual product that is going to be certified. This is because only one product can be applied to each certificate of the WPC. Although it is not a legal requirement to have test reports prepared outside India, it is often a simpler and faster way than via Indian laboratories due to the expected queries to the manufacturer.

When applying for WPC approval, it is important to declare the specifications of all components of the device, as not all products require subsequent testing. Products that have already installed a WPC approved radio module do not require additional testing of the end product. In this case the product only needs to be registered.


The steps of WPC certification

As soon as all documents are prepared, the application is submitted, checked, the test reports are approved, and soon the certificate and the corresponding ETA license (Equipment Type Approval) are issued. A factory inspection is currently not yet planned.


Here is a brief video about the WPC certification, presented by Julian Busch, director of
MPR International GmbH / China Certification Corporation:

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You can also watch this video on our Video Channel.

How long is the WPC certificate valid?

As long as no changes are made to the product after the WPC certification process, the WPC certificate is valid indefinitely.


My product is listed in both the BIS and WPC catalogues. Do I need to apply for both?

Depending on the type of product, other certifications may be required, such as BIS Certification for many types of electronic products, TEC Certification for telecommunications equipment, or PESO Certification for explosion-protection equipment. Although the BIS authority is supposed to absorb many of the authorities in the future, until then these certifications are with authorities that are completely independent of each other. This unfortunately means that you may have to go through several certifications at the same time.

You can find more information about our Service Package here.

For more information regarding the WPC registration, please read our free information booklet “WPC Certification – The Booklet“.

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