India Certification Resa Facile

Il panorama della certificazione indiana con le sue diverse autorità e processi è molto difficile da comprendere. Avete bisogno di una certificazione AIS/TAC, BIS, BIS, TEC, WPC, CDSCO o PESO o volete scoprirlo? Con noi come partner professionale al vostro fianco, il processo di certificazione in India sarà facile per voi da padroneggiare.

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AIS – Automotive Industry Standard

India Certification è un partner eccellente per la certificazione AIS/TAC per i componenti automobilistici. Sosteniamo i principali fornitori e produttori automobilistici a livello mondiale con la rapida approvazione ARAI dei prodotti per il mercato indiano. Vi offriamo la migliore soluzione per la vostra certificazione AIS/TAC.

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BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards

India Certification è un partner eccellente per la certificazione BIS dei prodotti elettronici. L'elenco dei prodotti che richiedono l'approvazione viene costantemente ampliato. Sosteniamo i produttori leader a livello mondiale nella rapida certificazione dei prodotti per il mercato indiano. Con noi manterrete la visione d'insieme.

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TEC – Telecommunication Engineering Center

India Certification è un partner eccellente per la certificazione TEC per le apparecchiature di telecomunicazione. I requisiti dell'autorità sono in costante evoluzione e ogni anno vengono aggiunte nuove apparecchiature all'elenco dei prodotti che richiedono la certificazione. Chiariamo i requisiti del vostro prodotto e ci assicuriamo che il vostro prodotto sia registrato in modo rapido e affidabile.

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WPC – Wireless Planning & Coordination Commission

India Certification è un partner eccellente per la certificazione WPC per i dispositivi wireless. Chiariamo per voi se il vostro prodotto deve essere registrato e quali requisiti di prova esistono. Ci assicuriamo che i test vengano eseguiti correttamente e che il prodotto venga approvato in modo rapido e affidabile.

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I dispositivi medici e i prodotti farmaceutici richiedono l'approvazione CDSCO prima di poter essere venduti in India. Verifichiamo per voi se il vostro prodotto necessita di un certificato CDSCO e vi guidiamo nel processo di registrazione.

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Altri Servizi

Offriamo numerose altre certificazioni e servizi in tutto il mercato indiano e in molti altri mercati. Che si tratti di una delle certificazioni di prodotti per l'industria automobilistica, elettrica, delle telecomunicazioni, o dell'approvazione di prodotti medicali, o anche di una consegna temporanea per altri scopi, siamo a vostra disposizione.

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Offriamo servizi di consulenza specializzata e supportiamo i produttori di veicoli e le aziende industriali. Attraverso i pacchetti di consulenza e le certificazioni internazionali dei prodotti, riceverete un servizio personalizzato su misura per le vostre esigenze.

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Offriamo corsi di formazione individuali per la certificazione India su misura per voi e per i vostri prodotti. Nei nostri seminari interni di un giorno, vi forniamo una comprensione di base e preziose informazioni sui processi di approvazione in India. Approfittate della nostra pluriennale esperienza.

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Dal 2005 supportiamo i produttori di tutto il mondo nell'ottenimento delle certificazioni necessarie per il mercato asiatico. Con il nostro team internazionale e diversificato vi offriamo la soluzione più efficiente per il vostro progetto.

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Indian companies in the telecommunications sector demand a faster approval process from the WPC authority

Mobile phone providers as well as manufacturers of infrastructure and end-user devices are demanding intervention by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to speed up the process […]

New requirements for satellite receivers and set-top boxes to be expected

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India to be under threat of a World Trade Organization (WTO) committee of inquiry

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India plans to extend certification scheme for chemical products such as phenol

India plans to further expand the certification requirements for certain chemicals and petrochemicals, such as phenol and melamine. So far, there are very few domestic producers […]

The Indian PESO has presented guidelines for the formulation of environmentally friendly fireworks to the industry

The Indian Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) presented the new guidelines for the formulation of environmentally friendly fireworks to the Supreme Court in early March […]

India plans close cooperation with South Korea, Germany and China on trade in medical devices

The measure was taken by Prime Minister Modi in view of the sharp rise in the number of coronavirus infections in India in recent days. India […]

India allows urgent certification of plant products during the coronavirus crisis

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India will press ahead with the expansion of the mobile satellite network

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Always online: In India, an average of 11 GB per month is consumed on mobile phones

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New version of IS standard for safety glass

The Indian standard IS 2553 (Part 2) describes the certification of safety glazing of glass used for road transport such as windscreens and window panes. On […]

Indian authorities extend deadline for certification of steel products by another 3 months

The Indian Ministry of Steel has extended the deadline for certification of steel products on 23 April 2020 by three months. The decision was taken due […]

India becomes significantly more attractive as a business location

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Planned special tax for the import of pharmaceutical raw materials to India fuels fears of a possible shortage

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Indian companies are increasingly working in cloud environments

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BIS is about to implement phase 4 of certification scheme

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New Standard for Pashmina Wool in India

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Proposals for new products requiring BIS certification

The lists of products that fall under the mandatory certification of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) have been published in phases since 2012. The lists […]

Unification of certification standards in India

If you have dealt with product certification in India, you probably noticed that there are a lot of different certifications and for some products there are […]

Deadline for BIS Certification of Steel Products in India is getting closer

As published in our news from December 2019, the Indian government strengthened the regulations of steel imports into the country. The BIS certification scheme, published July […]

MPR International GmbH will Present Lectures about BIS Certification at Workshop Export BRIC + SA

The Exportwirtschaft ICS GmbH – International Compliance Support – is a company that has set itself the task of developing customer solutions to reduce the complexity […]

Lecture about WPC Certification on Technical Forum for the Export of Machines and Components

As part of the annual “CE Practice Days” conference, an “International Machine Safety Day” will take place for the first time in 2020, which will focus […]

Better environment in India for the import of mobile phone components

Between 2016 and 2019, the number of imported smartphones fell by 83 percent from 70.9 to 12.2 million. In the same period, the number of devices […]

India plans its own standards for air purification systems

Despite all the efforts of the Indian government in recent years, air pollution in India, especially in the greater New Delhi area, remains very high. Nevertheless, […]

Lecture on BIS Certification at German-Indian Round Table in Osnabrueck

The German-Indian Round Table in Osnabrueck, Germany will take place on March 27, 2020. MPR International GmbH participates in this with a specialized lecture on BIS […]

“In Compliance Magazine” Publishes an Article About Automotive Product Certifications in India

“In Compliance Magazine” published an English-language article on January 31, 2020 about the necessary certifications for Automotive products to be imported into India. The article was […]

The Indian market for gemstones and jewelry could soon grow to 75 billion US$

At the presentation of the 46th Indian Gold and Jewellery Awards in New Delhi in December 2019, Trade and Industry Minister Goyal praised the industry’s efforts, […]

India introduces mandatory labelling of gold jewellery

A marking, called a hallmark in technical jargon, for the authenticity and purity of gold jewellery and gold artifacts will be obligatory in India from January […]

New System for Regulating Organic Products in India

The demand for organic products is increasing worldwide, including in India. A large number of small farmers in India manage about 3.6 million hectares of organic […]

Indian government to facilitate the regulatory environment for telecommunications

During the India Mobile Congress held in October 2019, Vodafone Idea CEO Birla encouraged the Indian government to modernise existing telecommunications regulations and laws. In India, […]

Public auction of Radio Frequencies in India

In India many radio frequencies are still restricted by the government, but more frequency bands are being made available for commercial usage. Among the newly available […]

New opportunities for automotive suppliers in India

The new production plant went into operation in April and has already delivered 7,000 new cars. The plant has an area of 700,000 m² and at […]

Steel imports to India must now be registered

The import of steel and iron has been subject to a new control mechanism since 5 September 2019. The Indian government introduced the so-called “Steel Import […]

BASF launches its largest investment to date in India with partners

The chemical company BASF’s project to build a new production facility in India is making progress. In addition to the Indian conglomerate Adani, the oil company […]

The Indian standards authority BIS publishes a series of new standards in the food sector

On the occasion of World Food Day on 16 October, the Indian standards authority BIS drew attention to the existing mandatory approval for products such as […]

Current legislation on drones in India

The previous law concerning a complete ban on drones was repealed last year. Since 01.12.2018, the general ban has been softened and strict conditions imposed. Drone […]

India reforms tax system to boost investment

While the trade dispute between the US and China continues to weaken the global economy and investors are reluctant to react, India has created facts with […]

Indian Ministry of Telecommunications works on permitted frequencies for 5G network

The Ministry of Telecommunications is currently working on the spectrum of permitted frequencies and the corresponding 5G devices will soon be available on the Indian market. […]

A Range of New Products will be BIS Mandatory Soon

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) recently published a notice explaining which products will require a mandatory BIS certification soon. The BIS is responsible for a […]

New product list for mandatory BIS certification

The mandatory BIS certification is now mandatory for a further 13 products. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the equivalent of the German Institute for […]

Trends in the Indian automotive market

In 2018, the Indian automotive market and the local automotive industry achieved one of the best results in history. A total of 29 million vehicles were […]

Good prospects for the Indian automotive industry

According to analyses by experts, there are good prospects for the Indian automotive industry in the period 2020 to 2026. In the scenario, the industry’s turnover […]

New Amendment of Central Motor Vehicles Rules Published October 1, 2019

In 1989 India’s first Central Motor Vehicle Rule (CMVR) was introduced. The CMVR are the rules which include regulations regarding to driver’s license, registration of motorized […]

India has rising demand for imported automotive components

Numerous renowned automobile manufacturers are stepping up their activities in India and the demand for components is growing as a result. Nissan plans to expand the […]

The Indian market for passenger cars 2018 at a glance

India’s largest automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki was able to maintain its leading position in 2018. With a market share of just under 50 percent and over […]

Tata Motors is market leader for commercial vehicles in India

India-based Tata Group, with its commercial vehicle division of Tata Motors, has further increased its market share compared to 2017. Sales figures rose by 23 percent […]

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