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TEC Standards

5. Mai 2023

Hier finden Sie eine Liste zu den geltenden Standards für TEC-zertifizierungspflichtige Produkte.

Für weitere Informationen zur TEC-Zertifizierung lesen Sie bitte unser kostenfreies Info-Paket „TEC-Zertifizierung – Wegweiser“.

Name of ProductTEC Standard
National Common Channel Signalling PlanTEC 58146:1992
Air Raid Precaution Equipment (ARP)TEC 58290:1993
Collapsible Steel Drums for Telecom CablesTEC 69360:2004
Push Button DiallerTEC 58280:1994
Videotex ServicesTEC 23004:1994
Wooden Cable Drum for Telecom CablesTEC 69370:2004
Foam-skin Polythene Insulated, fully filled, Polythene Sheathed, Underground Telecom CablesTEC 68010:1996
15 Meter Self Supporting Mast& amendment no. 1 dated 04.10.98TEC 45130:1996
FRP Containers for Batteries (Cap. 4000 to 10000AH)TEC 67050:1997
Wheels and Axles for Cable DrumsTEC 69130:1997
Cable Roller BlockTEC 69140:1997
Preset wires for Jointing G.I. WiresTEC 68020:1997
Mole skin (Wiping Cloth)TEC 69150:1997
Discrete Wire ConnectorsTEC 69160:1997
Aluminium Canister for Thermoweld JointsTEC 69170:1998
Cleaning TissueTEC 69180:1998
Adhesive Polyester TapeTEC 69190:1998
Silica GelTEC 69350:2004
Micro crystalline WaxTEC 69390:2004
Emery stripTEC 69200:1999
Adhesive Aluminium FoilTEC 69380:2004
Water blocking powderTEC 69400:2004
New Type of Drop Wire AccessoriesTEC 68030:1999
Reinforced Thermo shrink sleeve, Closure channel &Branch- off clip (for reinforced Thermo shrink jointing kits for unpressurised Cables)TEC 69210:1999
Portable Cable Fault Locator (With Amendment Nos.1 & 2 dated 12.02.2002 & 27.06.2002)TEC 73010:1999
ADSL Modem (Remote Terminal) Amendment No1 Dated 04/07/2KTEC 70010:1999
Cable Route Tracer (With Amendment No.1 dated 29.09.2000)TEC 73020:1999
20 Pair Modular connectors and Crimping Tools & accessoriesTEC 69220:1999
CD Cabinets for mounting IDC type C.T. Blocks with amendment no.1dated 30.08.05and amendment no. 2 dated 03.02.05TEC 69010:2000
Mini Pillar cum Joint BoxTEC 69020:2000
National CCS7 Standards for MTP and ISUPTEC 58136:2000
60 Meter Heavy Weight M/W TowerTEC 45120:2000
Copper clad steel conductor PVC drop wireTEC 68040:2000
FRP/Polycarbonate Pole mounted Bracket for 5/10/20 Pair External DPTEC 69030:2000
National Q3 Interface StandardsTEC 58186:2000
Splitterless ADSL ModemTEC 70020:2000
Splitterless ADSL COT equipmentTEC 70030:2000
Multi Line Telephone SystemTEC 79100:2000
Cable Warning TapeTEC 69230:2000
20 Meter Narrow Base Heavy Weight TowerTEC 45040:2000
30 Meter Narrow Base Heavy Weight TowerTEC 45060:2000
40 Meter Narrow Base Light Weight TowerTEC 45100:2000
High Count Armoured Optical Fibre Cable (Ribbon Type For Access Network) (Amendment No. 1 dated 11.04.02 & Amendment No. 2 dated 29.06.04)TEC 85040:2001
Technical Requirements for the International Gateway Connectivity.TEC 51006:2001
Subscribers End Equipment (SEE) Connected To 2-W Cable PlantTEC 79146:2001
Blue tooth enabled terminalTEC 38026:2001
Non Zero Dispersion Shifted Single Mode Armoured Optical Fibre Cable (Amendment No. 1 dated 29.06.04)TEC 85060:2001
Main Distribution Frame & protection Arrangement for 128/256 Ports Rural Automatic Exchanges with Amendment No.1TEC 69040:2001
GD Tubes for Internal and External UseTEC 66010:2001
Cadmium-Copper PVC drop wireTEC 68050:2001
1/10/16 Pairs Screened PCM cable for Digital equipment wiring to work upto 2 M bits/secTEC 68060:2001
CDR Based Billing System for PSTNTEC 58250:2001
Cable Switch Board (Screened & Unscreened)TEC 68080:2002
Mini Line Jack UnitTEC 79190:2002
General Packet Radio Service GPRSTEC 22000:2002
Wireless Application protocol WAP ServicesTEC 23014:2002
Tester for Gas Discharge Tube (GD Tube) & Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) ThermistorTEC 73090:2002
PVC Insulated Galvanised mild Steel WireTEC 68070:2002
Lead Sleeves for Cable JointsTEC 69240:2002
Plumber MetalTEC 69250:2002
Fibre Glass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) CD cabinet Casings for mounting IDC Type Cable Terminal BlocksTEC 69050:2002
Executive Telephone System(1+2)TEC 79000:2002
Spacers for DuctsTEC 69260:2002
Multi wavelength meterTEC 88020:2002
30 Meter Narrow Base Light Weight TowerTEC 45050:2002
Crimping Tool for Discrete ConnectorTEC 69270:2003
2-Line Feature PhoneTEC 79072:2003
13 GHz, 34 /16 x 2 Mbps Microwave EquipmentDated: 15/06/2004)(Amendment No. 1TEC 36210:2003
Video Conferencing ServiceTEC 23024:2003
Digital Cross-talk and attenuation testerTEC 73030:2003
PSTN Call GeneratorTEC 58230:2003
100 mA Anti Surge fuseTEC 69280:2003
Key Telephone SystemsTEC 79062:2003
Extension Line Jack Unit (ELJU)TEC 79202:2003
16 KHz Metering Pulse AnalyzerTEC 79240:2003
Voice Mail System (VMS)TEC 58260:2003
Electronic Mail ServiceTEC 23034:2003
Standalone Synchronous EquipmentTEC 49000:2003
National TCAP StandardsTEC 58166:2003
Accessories of Antennas, Feeders and Wave GuidesTEC 35090:2003
House Wire PVC Twin (Tinned Copper conductor Double D Type)TEC 68100:2003
IR for BSNL/MTNL N/W & Private Broadband NetworkTEC 70042:2003
Solid Polythene Insulated, fully filled, Polythene Sheathed, Underground Telecom Cables (5 Pairs/ 0.50mm PIJF Unarmoured Underground Telecom Cables)TEC 68090:2003
Cable Duct LubricantTEC 69290:2003
Alphabets on KeypadTEC 79236:2003
Metal Free Optical Fibre Cable  (Amendment No. 1 dated 30.12.03 & Amendment No. 2 dated 31.03.04)TEC 85000:2003
Armoured Optical Fibre Cable for Direct Burial (U/G) (Amendment No. 1 dated 29.06.04)TEC 85010:2003
Integrated Fibre Termination and Distribution SystemTEC 87040:2003
Cable Duct Sealing SystemTEC 69300:2003
Nationals Standards for ISDN Basic Rate Access U-InterfaceTEC 58036:2003
Coupling Hearing Aids to Telephone SetsTEC 79222:2003
Telephone Line TesterTEC 79250:2003
Voice Band Data Modem (V.21 to V.34)TEC 80072:2003
ISDN User-Network Interface (S/T) National StandardsTEC 58046:2003
RF Fixed Coaxial Attenuators (2W & 5W)TEC 41280:2004
RF Step Attenuator(dc to 2.5 GHz )TEC 35100:2004
Return Loss Measurement Test Set(10 MHz-20 GHz)TEC 44180:2004
RF Coaxial Step Attenuators (dc to 18 GHz & dc to 4 GHzTEC 41450:2004
Optical fibre cable for Coastal Areas & High sub soil water conditionTEC 85080:2004
Aluminium Canisters for Thermoshrink jointsTEC 69310:2004
Sealant Tape-with amendmentTEC 69320:2004
Sheath Connector AssemblyTEC 69330:2004
Adhesive PVC Tape-with amendmentTEC 69340:2004
Roof Top Tower for CellularMobileSystems ( 30/25/20/15/10 M Tower )TEC 45140:2004
ISP Traffic Legal Intercept and Monitoring SystemTEC 51016:2004
100 pair Cable Terminal Block with accessories to be mounted in cabinets & pillars with AccessoriesTEC 69060:2004
Location based applications and servicesTEC 22010:2004
Network Switching Sub system NSS of IMPCSTEC 22020:2004
Lawful Interception of GSM NetworkTEC 22030:2004
V.90 ModemTEC 80050:2004
Network Management System for circuit switched networkTEC 58270:2004
ISDN Handheld TesterTEC 58050:2004
ISDN Protocol TesterTEC 58060:2004
Microwave Power Meter(10 MHz to 18 GHz)TEC 44090:2004
Frequency Counter (10 Hz – 18 GHz)TEC 44100:2004
Optical Fibre Cable for Concrete surfacesTEC 85070:2004
40 Meter Narrow Base Heavy Weight TowerTEC 45090:2004
Managed Leased Line NetworkTEC 49010:2004
Synthesized signal Generator( 2GHz-20 GHz )TEC 44160:2004
2.7 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator (100 KHz – 2.7 GHz)TEC 44170:2004
12V DC-DC Power Supply unit with built-in 12V/7AH Battery for CDMA FWTsTEC 66020:2004
Executive Telephone SystemTEC 79010:2004
Line Jack Unit (LJU)TEC 79170:2004
Line Jack Unit with provision of parallel extentionTEC 79180:2004
Attachments to the TelephoneTEC 79212:2004
Centralised Control and Monitoring System for Power Plants and Associated EquipmentTEC 66030:2004
60 Meter Narrow Base Light Weight Tower for Cellular SystemsTEC 45110:2004
Portable E1 – Analyser for NIBTEC 52000:2004
15 GHz 4X2 Mbps Integrated Digital Microwave equipmentTEC 36160:2004
23 GHz 4X2 Mbps Integrated Digital Microwave EquipmentTEC 36170:2004
40,30 and 20 Meter Towers for Cellular SystemsTEC 45070:2004
18 GHz Sub STM-1 Integrated Digital Microwave EquipmentTEC 36220:2005
Unified Messaging SystemTEC 58240:2005
Inverters Systems (1 To 48KVA)TEC 66040:2005
Complete Main Distribution Frame for Automatic Exchange of 512 port & above with CT Blocks, Integrated Protection Modules, Conn Tool & other accessories, amendment no.1 dt 08.02.06TEC 69090:2005
Thermo weld Sleeve, Closure channel, Branch-off clip & Rubber spacer (for Thermo weld jointing Kits for Unpressurised Cables)TEC 69420:2005
V.92 ModemTEC 80030:2005
ISDN Network Termination (NT1)TEC 58010:2005
Multipath fade SimulatorTEC 44130:2005
6 GHz Wave Guide (Lower Band)TEC 35200:2005
GSM RF Repeaters and Distributed Antenna SystemTEC 21000:2005
Distribution Point (DP) Box for Internal & External use with Amendment No.1dated 01.05.06TEC 69070:2005
GR for New Type DP Boxes for External use With AmendmentNo.1dated 01.05.06TEC 69080:2005
40 meter tower for cellular system (up to170 km ph wind speed Amendment No.1Dated 9.5.2006TEC 45080:2005
Cable & Antenna Analyser(for Base Station)TEC 44080:2005
Micro Duct Optical Fibre CableTEC 851300:2005
Flexible Optical Fibre Cable (For Indoor Applications)TEC 85110:2021
Optical Fibre Drop Cable with Installation AccessoriesTEC 85120:2005
Structured LAN CablingTEC 52010:2005
Outdoor Drop Optical Fibre Cable (Figure 8 Type) with Installation AccessoriesTEC 85100:2005
High Speed Data Circuits TesterTEC 52020:2005
New Standard on Radio Devices in unlicensed band 2.4 GHZTEC 38016:2005
NSD/ISD PayphoneTEC 79030:2005
Asymmetrical Line (ADSL) Test SetTEC 73040:2006
Copper Pair Tester for Digital Subscriber (XDSL) workingTEC 73050:2006
Base Station Antenna in 824-894 MHz, 1880-1900 MHz and 1920-2170 MHz frequency bandsTEC 35170:2006
RF Fixed Attenuator(DC- 40 GHz)TEC 41290:2006
5.5 And 8.0 m Earth station antenna operating in Ku bandTEC 41360:2006
3.8 m Earth station antenna operating in C- bandTEC 41380:2006
Voucher Management and Roaming Recharge for Mobile NetworkTEC 23000:2006
User Equipment for WCDMA 3GTEC 20000:2006
High Count Metal free Optical Fibre Cable (Ribbon Type for Access Network)TEC 85030:2006
Buttinski Telephone HandsetTEC 79130:2006
Intelligent Network System And Service DescriptionTEC 58220:2006
National SCCP StandardsTEC 58176:2006
200W and 300W Solid State Power Amplifiers ( SSPAs) (1+1) System operating in C bandTEC 41140:2006
General Packet Radio Services for GSM GERAN and UMTSTEC 21010:2006
Short Message Service Centre SMSCTEC 22040:2006
Tools for Installation & Operation of OFC & for Assembly of Optical Fibre Splice ClosuresTEC 89060:2006
Location Based Service System LBSSTEC 22050:2006
Web Cache SystemTEC 52040:2006
Digital Cable Fault Locator for Low Insulation Faults, contact and openTEC 73060:2006
Self-supporting PVC Drop Wire with Fibre Glass Roving as strength memberTEC 68110:2006
Jumper Wire PVC with amendment dated 8.5.2009TEC 68120:2006
Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment (DCME) with 5:1 and 10:1 gainTEC 36240:2006
Feeder cable for 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2.1 GHz/UMTS Frequency bands ( 890-960 MHz, 1710-1880 and 1920-2170 MHz)TEC 35080:2006
7 GHz High Performance AntennaTEC 35130:2006
64 Kbps line drivers for use on subscriber loop on 2Wire basisTEC 52030:2006
Base Station Panel and Omni Antennas 890-960 MHZ, 1710-1880 MHZ and 1920-2170 MHz frequency bandsTEC 35180:2006
Intermediate Data Rate (IDR) Equipment in Ku band.TEC 41170:2006
Intermediate Data Rate Equipment (IDR) operating in C bandTEC 41180:2006
Multi Channel Per Carrier Very Small Aperture Terminal (MCPC VSAT) operating in C bandTEC 41200:2006
MPLS Performance AnalyserTEC 52070:2007
MPLS Protocol AnalyserTEC 52080:2007
15 GHz, STM-1, SDH Microwave EquipmentTEC 36180:2007
18 GHz STM-1 Integrated Digital Microwave EquipmentTEC 36230:2007
6 GHz High Performance AntennaTEC 35110:2007
6 GHz WAVEGUIDETEC 35190:2007
Optical Dispersion AnalyzerTEC 88030:2007
Voice Quality AnalyserTEC 52060:2007
Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber(CCBS)TEC 58094:2007
11m Earth station antennas operating in C- bandTEC 41320:2007
7 m Earth station antennas operating in C- bandTEC 41330:2007
1.2 And 1.8 m Earth station antenna operating in Ku bandTEC 41370:2007
Radio Network Planning Tool for GSM and WCDMATEC 23010:2007
BTS and Node B Tester for GSM GPRS EDGE and WCDMA NetworksTEC 23020:2007
Fibre Distribution Management System for OFC (Type I, TypeII, TypeIII) with Amendment No. 1 dated 02.05.12TEC 87010:2007
Thin ClientTEC 52050:2007
Large Size Digital Local cum Tandem Exchange (VOL.I & VOL II)TEC 58210:2007
11 GHz High Performance AntennaTEC 35140:2007
13 GHz High Performance AntennaTEC 35150:2007
Spectrum Analyser (50 MHz – 40 GHz)TEC 44110:2007
Wireless Application Protocol WAP NetworkTEC 22060:2007
Intelligent Network Application Protocol (INAP) National StandardsTEC 58156:2007
2 Mbps Digital Echo CancellerTEC 41210:2007
2 Mbps Digital Echo CancellerTEC 44140:2007
Synthesized Signal Generator(1GHz-40GHz)TEC 44150:2007
1.8m and 2.4m Earth station antennas operating in C- bandTEC 41350:2007
Intelligent Network System and Service description for GSM and WCDMA NetworksTEC 22070:2007
Metal free Optical Fibre Cable (G.652 D Fibre) (Amendment No. 1 dated 28.8.08)TEC 85140:2007
Cable Pulling eye and cup containerTEC 69430:2007
IPLC Traffic Lawful Interception and Monitoring SystemTEC 49020:2007
55° K Low Noise Amplifier Subsystem operating in C- band and Ext-C-bandTEC 41160:2007
Over The Air Platform For GSM WCDMA NetworksTEC 22080:2007
Optical Spectrum AnalyserTEC 88080:2007
Ethernet Traffic Analyzer for Ethernet Transport Service Testing – Table-top modelTEC 88210:2007
13 GHz Wave GuideTEC 41090:2007
11 GHz Wave GuideTEC 41100:2007
10W/20W Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) (1+1) System in C- bandTEC 41110:2007
Spectrum Analyser (1 MHz – 21 GHz)TEC 44120:2007
18 GHz, 16 x 2 Mb/s Integrated Digital Microwave EquipmentTEC 36130:2008
Digital Satellite Phone System (DSPS) in Ku bandTEC 41270:2008
Prepaid Scratch CardsTEC 23030:2008
Service Description for Analogue SubscribersTEC 58104:2008
Long Distance Satellite Telephone (LDST) operating in C bandTEC 41190:2008
3.8 m Earth station antenna operating in Ku bandTEC 41340:2008
1m Earth station antenna operating in Ku bandTEC 41390:2008
1.2 m VSAT antenna operating in C bandTEC 41400:2008
Transient Safety Device (8 Pair Protector Module for use on back side of Mother Board of C-Dot Exchange)TEC 69440:2008
64 Kb/s Cross Connect with 2048 Kb/s access PortTEC 86100:2008
National Standards for H.248TEC 59146:2008
STM-1 Satellite Modem for Ku bandTEC 41260:2008
Optical-Electrical-Optical (O-E-O) based Digital Cross-Connect (DXC) Equipment with Automatic Switched Optical Network (ASON) CapabilityTEC 86120:2008
10G Ethernet Traffic Analyzer for Ethernet Transport Service TestingTEC 88220:2008
National Standards for SIPTEC 59156:2008
SDH, Integrated Microwave Equipment in 13 GHz bandTEC 36150:2008
Non–Zero Dispersion Optical Fibre Cable for Wideband Optical Transport (G.656 Fibre)TEC 851500:2008
SDH, STM-1 Microwave equipment in 6GHz and 11GHz frequency bandsTEC 36140:2008
Network Protocol AnalyzerTEC 61030:2020
Multi frequency Register Signalling(R2MF)TEC 58192:2009
CCS7TEC 58132:2009
Services for NGN SubscribersTEC 59164:2009
Intermediate Frequency Combiner / DividerTEC 41230:2009
400W/700W High Power Amplifiers (1+) operating in C and Ext C band.TEC 41250:2009
Uplink Interfacility Waveguide for C, Ext-C & Ku bandTEC 41460:2009
Optical Fibre Cable for FTTH application (G.657 A Fibre)TEC 85160:2021
STM 1/4/16/64 and Standalone STM-64 SDH Analyzer without Jitter and WanderTEC 88260:2009
STM 1/4/16/64 and Standalone STM-64 SDH Analyzer with  Jitter and WanderTEC 88270:2009
Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) AnalyserTEC 88280:2009
Feeder Cable for C, Ext C Ku band Inter facility Downlink Feeder CableTEC 41470:2009
2 Mb/s PCM Multiplexing EquipmentTEC 86010:2009
SDH-based Digital Cross Connect system with 40G, 60G & 80G capacitiesTEC 86110:2009
Audio Streaming PlatformTEC 51000:2009
Internet Exchange Point (IXP)TEC 51010:2009
Video Gateway SystemTEC 51020:2009
Video Streaming PlatformTEC 51030:2009
SAR Measurement SystemTEC 13010:2009
20 W/50W/100W/250W Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) 1+1 System operating in ku bandTEC 41130:2009
RF Power Combiner/Divider in C and Ku bandsTEC 41240:2009
1m/1.2m/1.8m/2.4m VSAT antenna operating in Ku bandTEC 41310:2009
Drive Test Tool for GSM GPRS EDGE and WCDMA NetworksTEC 23040:2009
Post Processing Tool for GSM GPRS EDGE and WCDMA NetworksTEC 23050:2009
Narrowband Remote Access ServersTEC 48000:2009
INTEGRATED MICROWAVE EQUIPMENT for 4/8/16 E1 in 15 GHz and 23 GHz Frequency bandsTEC 36200:2009
Provider Backbone Bridge/ Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering (PBB/PBB-TE) Based Carrier Ethernet Networks (CEN) for Access Network Applications.TEC 48010:2009
Provider Backbone Bridge/ Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering (PBB/PBB-TE) Based Carrier Ethernet Networks (CEN) for Metro Aggregation Network Applications.TEC 48020:2009
50W/100W/200W/300W Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) (1+1) System OperatingTEC 41120:2009
Bandwidth Saving Satellite if Modem for C BandTEC 41220:2009
Optical Fibre Jumpers, Adapters, Hybrid Jumpers and Hybrid Adapters with Errata No. 1 dated 07.05.13TEC 87070:2009
Mechanical Splice For Optical FibreTEC 89000:2009
Element Management SystemTEC 61040:2009
SIP Application ServerTEC 59170:2009
30°K/45°K Low Noise Amplifier system operating in C-bandTEC 41150:2009
6 GHz Ultra High Performance AntennaTEC 35120:2009
15 GHz High Performance AntennaTEC 35160:2009
Small Size GSM Radio Sub SystemTEC 21020:2009
Universal Subscriber Identity Module USIMTEC 20010:2010
Internet Data CentreTEC 51040:2010
Video Surveillance PlatformTEC 51050:2010
Video Ring back ToneTEC 52090:2010
Fraud Management and Control CentreTEC 58110:2010
IP Multi Media System Based on TISPAN ArchitectureTEC 59170:2010
National Standard for V5.2 InterfaceTEC 58206:2010
Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment (DCME) with20:1 gainTEC 41080:2010
RF Power Meter (50 MHz to 40 GHz)TEC 44010:2010
Frequency Counter (10 Hz – 40 GHz)TEC 44020:2010
Spectrum Analyzer (1 MHz to 3.0 GHz)TEC 44040:2010
Standard for Environmental testing of Telecommunication equipmentTEC 14016:2010
40/80 Channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Equipment with Channel Bit-rates upto 40Gbps for Core Network ApplicationsTEC 86060:2010
Optical Fibre Termination & Distribution Box (for FTTH applications)TEC 87030:2010
Splice Closure for Optical Fibre CablesTEC 87080:2010
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (Type II) (1550 nm & 1625 nm wavelength) for Long Haul ApplicationsTEC 88140:2010
PON OTDR (Type-A) for FTTH ApplicationsTEC 88170:2010
PON OTDR (Type-B) for FTTH ApplicationsTEC 88180:2010
PON Power Meter (For FTTH applications)TEC 88190:2010
Next Generation SDH Transport Network Tester @ STM 1, STM 1/ 4, STM 1/4/16 at 1310 & 150 NM & STM 64 rates at 1550 NM Wave LengthsTEC 88250:2010
Fibre Distribution FramesTEC 87000:2010
Termination Box for Optical Fibre Cables (Metal Free & Armoured)TEC 87020:2010
Thermo shrink sleeve, Closure channel & Branch- off clip (for ThermoShrink Jointing Kits for Unpressurised cables)-with amendment No.1 dated 21.11.2011TEC 69450:2010
Cable Cleaning LiquidTEC 69460:2010
Splice filling compound TEC 69470:2010
STM 1 Synchronous MultiplexerTEC 86020:2011
STM 4 Synchronous MultiplexerTEC 86030:2011
STM 16 Synchronous MultiplexerTEC 86040:2011
STM 64 Synchronous MultiplexerTEC 86050:2011
Optical Fibre Splice Protection SleevesTEC 89020:2011
Optical Fibre Splice Protection Sleeves for Optical Fibre RibbonTEC 89030:2011
Value Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries with amendment dated 24.7.2012 TEC 67010:2011
Tower Mounted AmplifierTEC 35010:2010
Portable VSAT TerminalTEC 41070:2011
7 GHz SDH STM-1 Microwave EquipmentTEC 36040:2011
7 GHz Wave GuideTEC 35030:2011
Armoured Optical Fibre Cable for Duct Application (Type-I and Type-II) with errata dated 06.07.2020 TEC 85170:2011
Optical Router TEC 48030:2011
Electronic CommerceTEC 51060:2011
Standard for IPv6 Conformance and interoperabilityTEC 51026:2011
Tubular Valve Regulated Lead Acid (TVRLA) Batteries based on GEL Technology with amendment dated 24.7.2012TEC 67020:2011
Cable, House wiring PVC (Tinned copper conductor insulated, taped &PVC Sheathed) TEC 68130:2011
Fibre to the AntennaTEC 35020:2011
Broadband Wireless Access SystemTEC 36120:2011
18 GHz High Performance AntennaTEC 35040:2011
800 and 1900 MHz Patch Panel AntennaTEC 35060:2011
WCDMA RepeatersTEC 21030:2011
Lawful Interception System of Mobile GSM CDMA UMTS EPS NetworksTEC 22090:2011
Long Term Evolution LTE and Evolved Packet Core EPCTEC 22100:2011
3G Data CardTEC 20020:2011
Universal Mobile Telecommunication System Terrestrial Radio Access Network UTRAN Rel 7TEC 21040:2011
OPGW Cable (for laying on Power lines)TEC 85180:2011
Flexible Versatile Multiplexer Equipment for Access Network ApplicationsTEC 86000:2011
Wireless Local Area NetworkTEC 38040:2011
BTS ShelterTEC 35070:2011
CLIP PhoneTEC 79092:2011
Fibre Distribution Management System (Outdoor) for Optical Fibre Cables (Ribbon & Non-Ribbon)TEC 87050:2012
Synchronous Supply UnitTEC 89080:2012
Broad Band Remote Access ServerTEC 48040:2012
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)TEC 49030:2012
ADSL Based Broadband NetworkTEC 49040:2012
BGP/MPLS Virtual Private NetworkTEC 49050:2012
Broadband Access on Cable TV ArchitectureTEC 49060:2012
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Slave ClockTEC 49070:2012
ISP (Internet Service Provider) ApplicationsTEC 51070:2012
Hybrid Microwave Radio Equipment(15, 18 and 23GHz)TEC 36050:2012
Milimiter Wave (E-Band) Microwave EquipmentTEC 36060:2012
IP Multimedia SubsystemTEC 22110:2012
Location based Information SystemTEC 22120:2012
Universal Mobile Telecommunication System Core Network Release 7TEC 22130:2012
Optical splitter for PON technologyTEC 72010:2021
Optical Fibre Splicing MachineTEC 88090:2012
Optical Fibre Splicing Machine for Ribbon FibreTEC 88100:2012
Ethernet Media ConverterTEC 89070:2012
Digital Distribution FrameTEC 89090:2012
Interface Requirement for interchange of Digital Signals at 2, 8, 34, 45 & 140 Mb/s portsTEC 89102:2012
Systems employing Computer Telephony IntegrationTEC 52002:2012
Cordless TelephoneTEC 79162:2012
7GHz IP Microwave Radio EquipmentTEC 36070:2012
13GHz IP Microwave Radio EquipmentTEC 36080:2012
Digital Network Synchronization EquipmentTEC 49080:2012
Cloud InfrastructureTEC 50000:2012
2048 Kbps line DriversTEC 52100:2012
xDSL main Distribution Frame (xDSL MDF) for DSLAM equipment with xDSL MDF splitter block and xDSL POT splitterTEC 69100:2013
Softswitch for Local & Transit Wireline ApplicationTEC 59030:2013
Mobile Station handset based on GSM GPRS EGPRSTEC 20002:2013
User Equipment Handset based on WCDMA HSPATEC 20012:2013
Remote Access Server (RAS)TEC 48002:2013
Diameter signalling controllerTEC 59080:2013
Packet Microwave Radio Equipment (15, 18 & 23GHz )TEC 36090:2013
Cordless TelephoneTEC 79150:2013
Radio Modem in ISM bandTEC 38032:2013
L-Band Intermediate Data Rate (IDR) Modem for C and Ku BandTEC 41020:2013
Composite Optical Test instrument (OTDR, Power Meter & Light Source)TEC 88000:2013
Optical Loss Test set Light Source and Power MeterTEC 88010:2013
Optical Power meter (Type A & Type B)TEC 88060:2013
23 GHz High Performance AntennaTEC 35050:2013
IR on WiFi CPE (USB)TEC 38022:2013
3G Data CardTEC 20022:2013
Router for MPLS Based Transport NetworkTEC 48050:2014
Optical Transport Network (OTN) AnalyzerTEC 88290:2014
Local Area Network SwitchTEC 48060:2014
Integrated Gateway RouterTEC 48070:2014
Firewall SystemTEC 49090:2014
Content Delivery NetworkTEC 51080:2014
Set Top Box for Content Services in IP NetworkTEC 51090:2014
RoutersTEC 48012:2014
Customer Premises Equipment for MPLS NetworkTEC 48022:2014
Universal Mobile Phone ChargerTEC 66050:2014
Characterization of VRLA Batteries and Guidelines for the O&M of VRLA batteries No.TEC 67019:2014
Electronic Locator SystemTEC 73070:2014
Line Media GatewayTEC 59070:2014
Ethernet Electrical to Optical media ConverterTEC 48080:2014
Ethernet Electrical to Optical media ConverterTEC 48032:2014
LAN SwitchTEC 48042:2014
TEC 49002:2014TEC/IR/IT/FWS-002/01 SEP 2014
Set Top Box for Content Delivery Services in IP NetworkTEC 51002:2014
Optical Fixed Attenuator (Type A & Type B)TEC 88040:2014
Optical Variable Attenuator (Type A & Type B)TEC 88050:2014
Optical Talk SetTEC 88070:2014
SWITCHING Node with Network NETWORK INTERFACE AT 2048 Kbit/sTEC 58072:2014
Short Message Service Cell Broadcast SMSCBTEC 22140:2015
Ethernet Traffic Analyzer for Ethernet Transport Service Testing – Hand-held modelTEC 88200:2015
Universal Subscriber Identity Module USIMTEC 20030:2015
Subscriber Identity Module SIMTEC 20032:2015
Universal Subscriber Identity Module USIMTEC 20042:2015
Aerial Drop Optical Fibre Cable with Installation Accessories (For Last mile applicationsTEC 85200:2015
Remote Fibre Test and Monitoring SystemTEC 88150:2015
Layer 4-7 Load Balancer SwitchTEC 48090:2015
Relational Database Management System for Telecom ApplicationsTEC 51100:2015
Planning & Maintenance Guidelines for Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Based Power PlantTEC 66069:2015
Planning & Maintenance Guidelines for SPV Power SupplyTEC 66079:2015
IR for ADSL2+TEC 70062:2015
Power Meter (DC,0.5Hz to 100 KHz Single Phase)TEC 73080:2015
Measurement Metrics and Measurement Methodology for Router and Switches for Green PassportTEC 74019:2015
Electronic Telephone InstrumentTEC 79052:2015
Terminals for connecting to PSTNTEC 79082:2015
V.92 ModemTEC 80042:2015
V.90 ModemTEC 80062:2015
Group 3 FAX Machine/CardTEC 80082:2015
Hybrid Microwave Radio Equipment in upper 6 GHz bandTEC 36100:2015
Wi-Fi Access PointTEC 38012:2015
Radio Access System for Broadband Application in 3.3-3.4 GHz band.TEC 36110:2015
STM-1 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for access network applicationTEC 70050:2015
20 Meter Guyed Wire Supporting Mast for Cellular Mobile SystemTEC 45010:2015
40 Meter Guyed Wire Supporting Mast for Cellular Mobile SystemTEC 45030:2015
30 Meter Guyed Wire Supporting Mast for Cellular Mobile SystemTEC 45020:2015
IP PABXTEC 60020:2015
Signalling Transfer Point (STP)TEC 58120:2015
SIP TerminalTEC 59012:2015
NMSTEC 48100:2015
IP based Interconnection between Service Providers NetworksTEC 51036:2015
Subscriber Identity Module SIMTEC 20040:2015
UICC based ISIM including USIMTEC 20052:2015
Non Zero Dispersion Shifted Single Mode Metal Free Optical Fibre Cable (G.655 C Fibre)TEC 85050:2015
High Precision Cleaver for Ribbon FibreTEC 89040:2015
Hot Jacket Remover for Ribbon FibreTEC 89050:2015
Data Storage InfrastructureTEC 49100:2015
Ethernet Traffic Analyzer up to 10 G (Hand Held Model)TEC 88230:2016
Integrated SystemsTEC 48110:2016
Software Defined Network [SDN] Controller, and Additional Requirements for LAN Switches, Carrier Ethernet Switches and Routers for SDNTEC 50010:2016
Element Management System (eMS)TEC 52006:2016
Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) Power Supply for fixed wireless terminals and similar systemsTEC 66080:2016
Lithium Ion Battery for Telecom ApplicationsTEC 67030:2016
400 W and 750 W TWTHigh Power Amplifiers Operating in Ku-bandTEC 41060:2016
Local Multipoint Distributionsystem in 26 GHz Frequency bandTEC 36020:2016
Local Multipoint Distribution system in 10.5 GHz Frequency BandTEC 36010:2016
Local Multipoint Distribution system in 28 GHz Frequency BandTEC 36030:2016
Radio Modem in ISM bandTEC 38050:2016
Handheld Spectrum Analyser (100 KHz – 3.0 GHz)TEC 44030:2010
4.8 and 6.3 m Earth Station Antenna Operating in C-bandTEC 41080:2016
Executive Telephone SystemTEC 79022:2006
Multi Line Telephone SystemTEC 79112:2016
Audio Conference Facility DeviceTEC 79122:2016
Point of Sales(POS) terminal with PSTN/CDMA/ GSM/GPRS interfaceTEC 80012:2016
MPLS SDN RouterTEC 48120:2016
Element Management System (eMS) For Next Generation Networks (NGN)TEC 49110:2016
Call CentreTEC 51110:2016
Integrated Access DeviceTEC 59020:2016
Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard for telecommunication EquipmentTEC 11016:2016
EMF Strength Measuring Instrument In the frequency range of 30 MHz to 3/6 GHzTEC 44060:2016
40/80 Channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Equipment with channel bitrates of 10Gbps for Metro/Core NetworkTEC 86080:2016
Optical Fibre Splicing Machine (Portable) (Type -I & Type-II)TEC 88110:2016
Solar Photo Voltaic Power Supply for Telecom equipmentTEC 66090:2017
WLAN ControllerTEC 38010:2017
ADSS of Cable for laying along Power Line Alignments (errata No. 1 dated 11.9.17)TEC 85190:2017
Riser Optical Fibre CableTEC 85210:2017
Installation Accessories and fixtures of Self Supporting Metal free Optical Fibre CableTEC 87060:2017
Multi-Protocol Label Switching Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Based Carrier Ethernet Network (CEN) for Access and Aggregation Network ApplicationsTEC 48130:2017
Interactive Voice Response System.TEC 51120:2017
VoIP Protocol/Performance AnalyserTEC 52110:2017
High Speed Line Drivers.TEC 48052:2017
Ethernet to G.703 Interface ConverterTEC 48062:2017
Solar Photo Voltaic based Standalone/Hybrid Power Supply for Wi-Fi Terminals and other Similar TerminalsTEC 66100:2017
SMPS Based Power PlantsTEC 66110:2017
FTTH/FTTB/FTTC Broadband Access Applications using GPON Technology with amendment dated 28.6.2017TEC 71010:2017
Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON) Technology for FTTx based BroadbandTEC 71020:2017
Generic Requirements of an Integrated Broadband System for Delivery of Digital Services in Rural AreasTEC 80020:2017
WiFi HotspotTEC 38030:2017
Point to Multipoint Multi Frequency Broadband System for frequency bands 3.3-3.4 GHz,3.5 GHz, 10.5 GHz & 26 GHzTEC 36190:2017
Integrated Broadband System for Delivery of Digital Services in Rural AreasTEC 23060:2017
12 V Switch mode power supply (SMPS) for wireless/wire line terminals &similar SystemsTEC 66120:2017
Lightening for surge protection of telecom site.TEC 66130:2017
Telephony Application ServerTEC 59090:2017
SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Measurement System for wireless communication devices used in close proximity to the human body (frequency range of 30MHz to 6 GHz))TEC 13020:2017
Electronic Telephone InstrumentTEC 79040:2017
PABX for network ConnectivityTEC 60012:2017
Multi-service Optical Transport Network (OTN) platform with DWDM bearer transport system for Metro and Core Network ApplicationsTEC 86090:2017
Raw Materials used in Manufacturing of Optical Fibre Cable with amendment no.1 date 06.07.2020TEC 89010:2017
Interactive Voice Response SystemTEC 51012:2018
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2 Plus (ADSL 2+) System for Central Office and Remote Office ApplicationsTEC 70060:2018
Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL &VDSL2) Equipment COT and RT ApplicationsTEC 70070:2018
IP-DSLAMTEC 70080:2018
Interface Requirements for interchange of  STM1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64 signals between different networksTEC 89112:2018
ServerTEC 48140:2018
Unified Threat ManagementTEC 49120:2018
Network Function virtualisation Infrastsucture (NFVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM)TEC 50020:2018
Ethernet to E1 ConverterTEC 52120:2018
Self Supporting Metal Free Aerial Optical Fibre Cable (For Hilly & Rural Area)TEC 85020:2018
Self Supporting Metal Free Aerial Optical Fibre Cable (For Urban areas)TEC 85090:2018
Aerial Optical Fibre Drop Cable For FTTH Applications (FOR Short Span)TEC 85220:2018
Test Procedure for Measurement of Electromagnetic field from Base Station AntennaTEC 13019:2018
Session Border ControllerTEC 59040:2018
Network-Network Interface for Session Border ControllerTEC 59042:2018
SIGTRANTEC 59136:2018
Intrusion Detection System for IP Network Security.TEC 49130:2018
Intrusion Prevention SystemTEC 49140:2018
10 Gigabit Symmetric Passive Optical Network(XGS-PON) Technology for FTTx based Broadband ApplicationsTEC 71030:2018
FTTX based Broadband Access Applications using GPON technology with Mini-OLTTEC 71040:2018
10 Gigabit Passive Optical Network(XG-PON) Technology for FTTx based Broadband ApplicationsTEC 71050:2018
Data DictionaryTEC 52016:2019
RF Monitoring System for continuous measurement of electromagnetic radiationTEC 44050:2019
Ethernet Traffic Analyzer 100 G (Hand Held Model)TEC 88240:2019
Network Timing Protocol ServerTEC 48150:2019
Primary Refrence Clock cesieum frequency standardsTEC 49150:2019
Time Synchronization in IP NetworksTEC 49004:2019
Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) SystemTEC 66140:2019
G.Fast equipmentTEC 70090:2019
Multi function portable device for Biometric authentication/e-KYC, Digital KYC and Bill payment at Point of Sales(POS)TEC 80000:2019
ISDN Customer Premises EquipmentTEC 58022:2019
ISDN Network Termination (NT1)TEC 58012:2019
VSAT based Mobility ServicesTEC 42022:2019
Interface Requirements on Mobile Radio Trunking Subscriber UnitTEC 39022:2019
Interface Requirements on Mobile Radio Trunking Communication EquipmentTEC 39012:2019
eNodeBTEC 21050:2019
Embedded Subscriber Identity Module (ESIM)TEC 20062:2019
Software Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN)TEC 49160:2019
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (Mini)  (Type-A & Type-B)TEC 88130:2019
Double Walled Corrugated (DWC) HDPE DuctTEC 72020:2019
Permanently lubricated HDPE telecom Ducts for use as underground optical fibre cable conduitsTEC 72030:2019
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (Type I) (1310 nm & 1550 nm wavelength) for Long Haul ApplicationsTEC 88120:2019
VRLA batteries for high rate of discharge (UPS) applicationTEC 67040:2019
Symmetric Pair High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL) SystemTEC 70100:2019
FTTH/FTTB/FTTC Broadband Access Applications Using EPON TechnologyTEC 71060:2019
Voluntary Code of Practice for Sustainable TelecomTEC 74039:2019
Media ServerTEC 59100:2019
Signalling GatewayTEC 59050:2019
Integrated Disaster Management System (IDMS) using Common Alert Protocol (CAP)TEC 51004:2020
Power System Based On Renewable Energy for Telecom EquipmentTEC 66150:2020
40-Gigabit-capable symmetric passive optical network (NG-PON2) technology for FTTX based broadband applicationsTEC 71070:2020
Micro duct for indoor and outdoor ApplicationsTEC 72040:2020
Stabilised Light Source Type A & Type B (with TSTP)TEC 88160:2020
Ethernet Traffic Analyzer 1/10/100 G (Hand Held Model)TEC 88300:2020
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster ClockTEC 49170:2020
Audio ConferencingTEC 51014:2020
Guidelines for Lithium-Ion BatteryTEC 67039:2020
SAR for wireless communication devices used in close proximity to the human bodyTEC 13016:2020
Standard for Energy Consumption Rating and Energy Passport for Telecommunications Products, Equipment and Network/ ServicesTEC 74046:2020
Media Resource FunctionTEC 59190:2020
Standard for GR for 40/80 Channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) System with Channel bit-rate of 100/200 Gbps for Core/Metro Network ApplicationsTEC 86070:2021
Standard for IR for Interchange of ETHERNET Signals between Different NetworksTEC 89122:2021
Standard for GR for Wi-Fi Access PointTEC 38020:2021
Standard for IR for Communication and Broadcast Networks for FSS/BSS (Mandatory Technical Requirements)TEC 42012:2021
Standard for SR for Voice Mail ServiceTEC 61064:2021
Standard for SR for Audiotex ServiceTEC 61054:2021
Fibre Optic Network Terminal Box (FONT)TEC 72050:2021
ADSS OPTICAL Fibre Cable for laying along power line alignments (for Long Span)TEC 85230:2021
WiMAX CPE USBTEC 21070:2011
WiMAX based Broadband Wireless Access SystemTEC 21060:2011
WiMAX CPE IndoorTEC 20070:2011
WiMAX CPE OutdoorTEC 20060:2011
Global Maritime Distress and Safety System GMDSS TerrestrialTEC 23070:2005
Lawful Interception of GSM NetworkTEC 22170:2004
GSM Mobile Station and Fixed Cellular TerminalTEC 20050:2004
Multimedia Messaging Service MMSTEC 22160:2003
Nx25G-EPON (25G-EPON and 50G-EPON) for FTTx Broadband Access ApplicationsTEC 71080:2021
10G-EPON for FTTx Broadband Access ApplicationsTEC 71090:2021

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