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AIS Mandatory Products

AIS certification verifies the safety requirements of automotive components and is mandatory for numerous vehicle parts in India. The AIS certification/ TAC certification in India program was implemented in three phases and is still being expanded with products being added regularly.

For more general information on AIS certification, please read our free AIS Certification info booklet .

The following components are currently subject to AIS certification.

Rear View MirrorAIS 001 (Part 2) (Rev. 1)-2011
Spare WheelAIS 110-2009
Luminaires (M/N Category)AIS 034
Fuel TanksAIS 095-2007 / IS:15547-2005
Speed LimiterAIS 018-2001
Traction BatteryAIS 048-2009
ReflectorsAIS 057 (Rev. 1)-2010
Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)AIS 127-2016
Fog LightsAIS-012 (Part 1)(Rev. 1)-2011
Rear Fog LightsAIS-012 (Part 2)(Rev. 1)-2011
Function Lights (Stop)AIS-012 (Part 6)(Rev. 1)-2011
Function Lights (Reverse)AIS-012 (Part 7)(Rev. 1)-2011
Function Lights (Parking)AIS-012 (Part 8)(Rev. 1)-2011
Side Marker LightsAIS-012 (Part 9)(Rev. 1)-2011
Direction IndicatorAIS-012 (Part 5)(Rev. 1)-2011
Licence Plate Lights AIS-012 (Part 4)(Rev. 1)-2011
Daytime Driving LightsAIS-012 (Part 10)(Rev. 1)-2011
Bending LightsAIS-012 (Part 3)(Rev. 1)-2011
High Beam and Low BeamAIS-010 (Part 1)(Rev. 1)-2010 / AIS-010 (Part 2)(Rev. 1)-2010 / AIS-010 (Part 4)(Rev. 1)-2010

The following automotive components require BIS certification instead of AIS certification:

HornIS:1884 (1993)
TiresIS:15633-2005 / IS:15636-2005
Brake HoseIS:7079-2008
Brake FluidIS:8654-1986
Wheel RimsIS:9438-2018 /

Seats and HeadrestsIS:15546-2005
Door Locks/Retention ComponentsIS:14225-1995
Safety Glass IS:2553 (Part2) (Rev. 1)-2019

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