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AIS Mandatory Products

AIS certification verifies the safety requirements of automotive components and is mandatory for numerous vehicle parts in India. The AIS certification/ TAC certification in India program was implemented in three phases and is still being expanded with products being added regularly.

For more general information on AIS certification, please read our free AIS Certification info booklet .

The following components are currently subject to AIS certification. However, some automotive products require BIS certification instead of AIS-TAC.

Safety glassTechnical standard IS 2553, BIS-ISI Certification*
Brake hosesTechnical standard IS 7079, BIS-ISI Certification**
HornTechnical standard IS 1884, BIS-ISI Certification**
TiresTechnical standard AIS 142,
Technical standard IS 13154, BIS-ISI Certification*
CNG pressure regulatorTechnical standard ISO 15500
LPG vaporizer & pressure regulatorTechnical standard ECE R 67
Luminaires (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS 034
Mirrors (M/N/L Category)Technical standard AIS 001
Seat belts Technical standard IS 15142, BIS-ISI Certification**
Wheel rims (M/N Category)Technical standard IS 9436/IS 9438, BIS-ISI Certification*
Fog light (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS 012
Rear Fog Lights (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS-012 (Part 1)
Function Lights (Stop) (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS-012 (Part 2)
Function Lights (Reverse) (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS-012 (Part 6)
Function Lights (Parking) (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS-012 (Part 7)
Side Marker Lights (M/N Category) Technical standard AIS-012 (Part 8)
Direction Indicator (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS-012 (Part 9)
Licence Plate Lights (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS-012 (Part 5)
Daytime Driving Lights (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS-012 (Part 4)
Bending Lights (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS-012 (Part 10)
Reflectors (M/N Category)Technical standard AIS 057
Warning triangleTechnical standard AIS 022
Light signaling device (L Category)Technical standard AIS 010
Reflectors (L Category)Technical standard AIS 057
Reflectors (tractors & CEVs)Technical standard AIS 057A
Leuchten (tractors & CEVs)Technical standard AIS 030
Door Locks/Retention ComponentsTechnical standard IS 14225, BIS-ISI Certification**
Fuel TanksTechnical standard IS 12056/IS 15547, BIS-ISI Certification**
Reflective foilTechnical standard AIS 090
Rear warning trianglesTechnical standard AIS 088
LED- luminaires (exchangeable)Technical standard AIS 130
Wheel rims (L Category)Technical standard AIS 073
Rear license plateTechnical standard AIS 089
Wiper bladesTechnical standard IS 15802/IS 15804, BIS-ISI Certification**
Battery (lead acid)Technical standard AIS 048
Child seatTechnical standard AIS 072

* BIS-ISI certification mandatory
** BIS-ISI certification voluntary

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