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What is Pre-Shipment Inspection for India?

Export of Metal Scrap to India

The Pre-Shipment Inspection is a pre-shipment control of the scrap metal before importing into India. The Indian authority responsible for quality control of goods is the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), which controls and monitors the import of scrap metal based on laws and regulations.

The Pre-Shipment Inspection aims to monitor the import of shredded, unshredded, pressed and loose forms of metal waste and scrap into India. The import of metal waste and scrap is subject to the condition that it does not contain hazardous, toxic waste, contaminated waste/scrap containing radioactive material, arms, ammunition, mines or grenades of any kind, live or used cartridges or other explosive materials in any form, whether used or not.

Export can only take place after a pre-shipment inspection has been carried out by an inspection body recognized by the DGFT located in the exporting country. Customs in India must already have a Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate (PSIC), before the delivery arrives in India. An on-site inspection of the goods after shipment in India is not possible. If a shipment arrives without a pre-shipment inspection, the goods must be sent back to the exporting country.

Process Flow of the Pre-Shipment Inspection

The importer must announce that he wants to import a certain type of scrap metal into India, when and where the scrap is to be loaded, and when the pre-shipment inspection will take place. The inspection must be carried out a few weeks in advance of the arrival of the goods in India, so that the PSI certificate is already available to the authorities in India.

The authorized inspector visits the exporter’s site and inspects the material to be loaded on site for, among other things, the presence of explosives or war material and determines the radioactivity content of the scrap and the background level using the appropriate equipment. The loading of the containers takes place in the presence of the inspector. The inspector then submits the inspection report together with the loading photos and a copy of the shipping documents to the competent authority (PSIA) in India.

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Announcement of the export


Application preparation


Performance of the inspection by an authorised inspector


Submission of the inspection report to the authority


Export of the goods

The CEC (Chartered Engineer’s Certification) is required to sell and import used machinery to India. To obtain the CE Certificate, the machine must be able to operate for at least 5 years when sold to India. The inspector must understand the machine and be able to see the machine in operation and judge the condition and probability of on-going lifespan.

Once the CE Certificate is issued, it goes to the buyer in India, who will present it to customs as a part of the clearance paperwork. The process for obtaining a Chartered Engineer Certificate (CEC) is as follows:

  • After receiving the necessary information from the seller regarding the machine, such as data sheets, calibration certificates, purchase invoice, proforma invoice, maintenance certificates, etc., the location of the machine is required.
  • A technical inspection of the machine will then take place. In the course of this, the value and condition of the machine is assessed.
  • Based on this inspection and a check of the specified values and documents, a Chartered Engineer Certificate (CEC) is issued.

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