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TEC Mandatory Products

Please find a list of products below which require a TEC certification.

S. No.Essential Requirements/ Product NameProduct/ Variant NameMTCTE PhaseMandatory date of certification of product under MTCTE
12- Wire Telephone Equipment2-Line Feature PhonePhase 12019-10-01
22- Wire Telephone EquipmentCLIP PhonePhase 12019-10-01
32- Wire Telephone EquipmentCoin Box TelephonePhase 12019-10-01
42- Wire Telephone EquipmentCoin Box Telephone - Table Top InterfacePhase 12019-10-01
52- Wire Telephone EquipmentElectronic Telephone InstrumentPhase 12019-10-01
62- Wire Telephone EquipmentExecutive Telephone SystemsPhase 12019-10-01
72- Wire Telephone EquipmentKey Telephone SystemsPhase 12019-10-01
82- Wire Telephone EquipmentKey Telephone Systems with proprietary interfacePhase 12019-10-01
92- Wire Telephone EquipmentNSD or ISD PayphonePhase 12019-10-01
102- Wire Telephone EquipmentTerminals for connecting to PSTNPhase 12019-10-01
11G3 Fax MachineFAX machine with handsetPhase 12019-10-01
12G3 Fax MachineFAX machine without handsetPhase 12019-10-01
13ModemV.90 or V.92 or V.21 to V.34 ModemPhase 12019-10-01
14Cordless TelephoneCordless TelephonePhase 12019-10-01
15ISDN Customer Premises EquipmentISDN GatewayPhase 12019-10-01
16ISDN Customer Premises EquipmentISDN NT-1 Network TerminationPhase 12019-10-01
17ISDN Customer Premises EquipmentISDN TerminalPhase 12019-10-01
18ISDN Customer Premises EquipmentISDN Terminal AdapterPhase 12019-10-01
19ISDN Customer Premises EquipmentMultipoint Conferencing ServerPhase 12019-10-01
20ISDN Customer Premises EquipmentPC card based ISDN TerminalPhase 12019-10-01
21Private Automatic Branch ExchangePrivate Automatic Branch ExchangePhase 12019-10-01
22PON Family of Broadband EquipmentPON OLTPhase 22020-10-01
23PON Family of Broadband EquipmentPON ONTPhase 22020-10-01
24PON Family of Broadband EquipmentPON ONUPhase 22020-10-01
25Feedback DeviceFeedback DevicePhase 22020-10-01
26Transmission Terminal Equipment-1Multiplexing EquipmentPhase 22020-10-01
27Transmission Terminal Equipment-1SDH EquipmentPhase 22020-10-01
28Equipments Operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz BandPTP PMP Wireless Access Equipment 2.4 or 5 GHzPhase 32024-01-01
29Equipments Operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz BandWifi Access Points and CPEPhase 32024-01-01
30Equipments Operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz BandWLAN Controller EquipmentPhase 32024-01-01
31End Point Device for Environmental MonitoringEnd Point Device for Environmental MonitoringPhase 32024-01-01
32Repeater for Cellular NetworkGSM and WCDMA RepeaterPhase 32024-04-01
33Repeater for Cellular NetworkGSM RepeaterPhase 32024-04-01
34Repeater for Cellular NetworkGSM WCDMA and LTE RepeaterPhase 32024-04-01
35Repeater for Cellular NetworkLTE RepeaterPhase 32024-04-01
36Repeater for Cellular NetworkWCDMA and LTE RepeaterPhase 32024-04-01
37Repeater for Cellular NetworkWCDMA RepeaterPhase 32024-04-01
38Base Station for Cellular NetworkBTS for GSMPhase 32024-08-01
39Base Station for Cellular NetworkBTS with AASPhase 32024-08-01
40Base Station for Cellular NetworkBTS with MSR up to 4GPhase 32024-08-01
41Base Station for Cellular NetworkeNodeB for LTEPhase 32024-08-01
42Base Station for Cellular NetworkNodeB for WCDMAPhase 32024-08-01
43Compact Cellular NetworkBTS CCNPhase 32024-01-01
44Compact Cellular NetworkeNodeB CCNPhase 32024-01-01
45Compact Cellular NetworkNodeB CCNPhase 32024-01-01
46IoT GatewayIoT GatewayPhase 32024-01-01
47Tracking DeviceAsset Tracking DevicePhase 32024-01-01
48Tracking DeviceHuman Tracking DevicePhase 32024-01-01
49Tracking DevicePet Tracking DevicePhase 32024-01-01
50Tracking DeviceStandalone tracking device for VehiclePhase 32024-01-01
51Smart Electricity MeterSmart Electricity MeterPhase 32024-08-01
52Mobile Radio Trunking SystemMRTS Base Station - Baseband plus RadioPhase 42024-08-01
53Mobile Radio Trunking SystemMRTS Base Station - Radio OnlyPhase 42024-08-01
54Mobile Radio Trunking SystemMRTS Baseband Equipment without RadioPhase 42024-08-01
55Mobile Radio Trunking SystemMRTS Fixed StationPhase 42024-08-01
56Mobile Radio Trunking SystemMRTS Handheld Portable StationPhase 42024-08-01
57Mobile Radio Trunking SystemMRTS Mobile StationPhase 42024-08-01
58Conferencing EquipmentAudio Conference Facility DevicePhase 42024-01-01
59Conferencing EquipmentMulti Line Telephone SystemPhase 42024-01-01
60HF RadioHF Base Station - Baseband plus RadioPhase 42024-04-01
61HF RadioHF Base Station - Radio OnlyPhase 42024-04-01
62HF RadioHF Baseband Equipment without RadioPhase 42024-04-01
63HF RadioHF Fixed StationPhase 42024-04-01
64HF RadioHF Handheld Portable StationsPhase 42024-04-01
65HF RadioHF Mobile StationsPhase 42024-04-01
66VHF UHF Radio System EquipmentVHF UHF Base Station - Baseband plus RadioPhase 42024-08-01
67VHF UHF Radio System EquipmentVHF UHF Base Station - Radio OnlyPhase 42024-08-01
68VHF UHF Radio System EquipmentVHF UHF Baseband Equipment without RadioPhase 42024-08-01
69VHF UHF Radio System EquipmentVHF UHF Fixed StationPhase 42024-08-01
70VHF UHF Radio System EquipmentVHF UHF Handheld Portable StationsPhase 42024-08-01
71VHF UHF Radio System EquipmentVHF UHF Mobile StationsPhase 42024-08-01
72PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio SystemsPTP or PMP Full Outdoor Microwave SystemsPhase 42024-08-01
73PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio SystemsPTP or PMP Split MW Indoor UnitPhase 42024-08-01
74PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio SystemsPTP or PMP Split MW Outdoor UnitPhase 42024-08-01
75PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio SystemsPTP/PMP Split M W SystemPhase 42024-08-01
76Media GatewayLine Media GatewayPhase 42024-01-01
77Media GatewayMedia GatewayPhase 42024-01-01
78Media GatewayMedia Gateway for CPEPhase 42024-01-01
79Signalling GatewaySignalling GatewayPhase 42024-01-01
80Session Border ControllerSession Border ControllerPhase 42024-01-01
81SoftswitchSoftswitchPhase 42024-01-01
82DSL EquipmentsDSLAMPhase 42024-01-01
83DSL EquipmentsDSL ModemPhase 42024-01-01
84Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite AmplifierPhase 42024-08-01
85Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite Baseband Mod or Demod or ControllerPhase 42024-08-01
86Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite Baseband ModemPhase 42024-08-01
87Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite Baseband Modem ControllerPhase 42024-08-01
88Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite BUCPhase 42024-08-01
89Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite IF TransreceiverPhase 42024-08-01
90Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite LNAPhase 42024-08-01
91Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite LNBPhase 42024-08-01
92Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite Optimisation EquipmentPhase 42024-08-01
93Satellite Communication EquipmentSatellite Radio Frequency TransceiverPhase 42024-08-01
94Satellite Communication EquipmentVSAT TerminalsPhase 42024-08-01
95LAN SwitchL2 LAN SwitchPhase 42024-08-01
96LAN SwitchL3 LAN SwitchPhase 42024-08-01
97LAN SwitchMPLS TP CEN SwitchPhase 42024-08-01
98LAN SwitchL2 Unmanaged SwitchPhase 42024-08-01
99RouterBNG or BRAS RouterPhase 42024-08-01
100RouterCloud Control Capable RouterPhase 42024-08-01
101RouterIPV4 RouterPhase 42024-08-01
102RouterIPV6 RouterPhase 42024-08-01
103RouterMPLS RouterPhase 42024-08-01
104Transmission Terminal Equipment-2DWDM EquipmentPhase 42024-01-01
105Transmission Terminal Equipment-2Digital Cross ConnectPhase 42024-01-01
106IP Security EquipmentFirewall EquipmentPhase 42024-08-01
107IP Security EquipmentIntrusion Detection System EquipmentPhase 42024-08-01
108IP Security EquipmentIntrusion Prevention System EquipmentPhase 42024-08-01
109IP Security EquipmentUnified Threat Management EquipmentPhase 42024-08-01
110Precision Timing Protocol Grand Master EquipmentPrecision Timing Protocol Grand Master EquipmentPhase 42024-01-01
111Mobile Management EntityMME with connectivity to MSC SGSNPhase 42024-01-01
112Mobile Management EntityMME for LTEPhase 42024-01-01
113Cell Broadcast CentreCBC for GSMPhase 42024-01-01
114Cell Broadcast CentreCBC for LTE or LTE-APhase 42024-01-01
115Cell Broadcast CentreCBC For UMTSPhase 42024-01-01
116IP Multimedia Conferencing EquipmentIP Multimedia Conferencing EquipmentPhase 42024-01-01
117BSC RNCBSC for GSMPhase 42024-01-01
118BSC RNCRNC for WCDMAPhase 42024-01-01
119SMLC or eSMLCeSMLC for LTEPhase 42024-01-01
120SMLC or eSMLCSMLC for GSMPhase 42024-01-01
121SMLC or eSMLCSMLC for WCDMAPhase 42024-01-01
122SGSN or GGSNGGSNPhase 42024-01-01
123SGSN or GGSNSGSN For GSMPhase 42024-01-01
124SGSN or GGSNSGSN For LTEPhase 42024-01-01
125SGSN or GGSNSGSN For WCDMAPhase 42024-01-01
126HLR AUC HSSHLR or AUCPhase 42024-01-01
127HLR AUC HSSHSSPhase 42024-01-01
128MSC or MSC-S or GMSC or GMSC-S including VLRMSC-S or GMSC-SPhase 42024-01-01
129MSC or MSC-S or GMSC or GMSC-S including VLRMSC or GMSC including VLR for GSMPhase 42024-01-01
130MSC or MSC-S or GMSC or GMSC-S including VLRMSC or GMSC including VLR for WCDMAPhase 42024-01-01
131Infiniband SwitchInfiniband SwitchPhase 42024-01-01
132OTA and DM or FOTADM or FOTAPhase 42024-01-01
133OTA and DM or FOTAOTAPhase 42024-01-01
134SCPSCPPhase 42024-01-01
135OMC or EMS or NMS or OSSNMSPhase 42024-01-01
136OMC or EMS or NMS or OSSOMC or EMSPhase 42024-01-01
137S-GW or P-GWP-GatewayPhase 42024-01-01
138S-GW or P-GWS-GatewayPhase 42024-01-01
139SMSCSMSCPhase 42024-01-01
140GMLCGMLC for GSM or WCDMAPhase 42024-01-01
141GMLCGMLC for LTE or LTE-APhase 42024-01-01
142EIREIR for GSM or WCDMAPhase 42024-01-01
143EIREIR for LTEPhase 42024-01-01
144Optical Fibre CableHybrid Cable - Optical and MetallicPhase 42024-01-01
145Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - ADSS on Aerial alignmentPhase 42024-01-01
146Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - ADSS along Power linePhase 42024-01-01
147Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - Direct BuriedPhase 42024-01-01
148Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - DSAPhase 42024-01-01
149Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - DuctPhase 42024-01-01
150Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - In homePhase 42024-01-01
151Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - IndoorPhase 42024-01-01
152Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - Indoor or OutdoorPhase 42024-01-01
153Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - Micro-DuctPhase 42024-01-01
154Optical Fibre CableOptical Fibre Cable - Access OutdoorPhase 42024-01-01
155Optical Fibre CableOptical Groung Wire -OPGWPhase 42024-01-01
156SIMCSIMPhase 42024-08-01
157SIMeSIMPhase 42024-08-01
158SIMeUICCPhase 42024-08-01
159SIMRUIMPhase 42024-08-01
160SIMSIMPhase 42024-08-01
161SIMUICC based ISIMPhase 42024-08-01
162SIMUSIMPhase 42024-08-01
163Radio Broadcast Receiver RBRAll Motor vehicle RBRs requiring external powerPhase 42024-01-01
164Radio Broadcast Receiver RBRAll RBRs driven with inbuilt power sourcePhase 42024-01-01
165Radio Broadcast Receiver RBROther devices having RBR interfacePhase 42024-01-01
166Optical Fibre - Single ModeOptical Fibre - G.652.DPhase 42024-01-01
167Optical Fibre - Single ModeOptical Fibre - G.655Phase 42024-01-01
168Optical Fibre - Single ModeOptical Fibre - G.656Phase 42024-01-01
169Optical Fibre - Single ModeOptical Fibre - G.657. A1Phase 42024-01-01
170Optical Fibre - Single ModeOptical Fibre - G.657. A2Phase 42024-01-01
171Optical Fibre - Single ModeOptical Fibre - G.657. B3Phase 42024-01-01
172Optical Fibre - Single ModeOptical Fibre -G.654.DPhase 42024-01-01
173Optical Fibre - Single ModeOptical Fibre -G.654.EPhase 42024-01-01
174Base Station for Cellular Network for 5GBTS with Multi Standard RadioPhase 52024-07-01
175Base Station for Cellular Network for 5GActive Antenna System-OTAPhase 52024-07-01
176Base Station for Cellular Network for 5GBase Station 5G NR Type 1CPhase 52024-07-01
177Base Station for Cellular Network for 5GBase Station 5G NR Type 1HPhase 52024-07-01
178Base Station for Cellular Network for 5GBase Station 5G NR Type 1OPhase 52024-07-01
179Base Station for Cellular Network for 5GBase Station 5G NR Type 2OPhase 52024-07-01
180Base Station for Cellular Network for 5GHybrid Active Antenna SystemPhase 52024-07-01
1815G CoreAMFPhase 52024-07-01
1825G CoreAuSFPhase 52024-07-01
1835G CoreBSFPhase 52024-07-01
1845G CoreCHFPhase 52024-07-01
1855G CoreNEFPhase 52024-07-01
1865G CoreNSSFPhase 52024-07-01
1875G CorePCFPhase 52024-07-01
1885G CoreSMFPhase 52024-07-01
1895G CoreSMSFPhase 52024-07-01
1905G CoreUDMPhase 52024-07-01
1915G CoreUDRPhase 52024-07-01
1925G CoreUPFPhase 52024-07-01
193HypervisorHypervisorPhase 52024-07-01
194E-band Fixed Radio Relay SystemsE-Band MW Full Outdoor SystemPhase 52024-07-01
195E-band Fixed Radio Relay SystemsE-Band MW Outdoor System plus Indoor SystemPhase 52024-07-01
196Converged Multiservice Application Access EquipmntC-MSAAEPhase 52024-07-01
197IP TerminalSIP TerminalPhase 52024-07-01

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