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Products and Components Relevant for PESO

Most IECEx/ATEX certified parts and components are subject to PESO certification in India. Other product groups and production/storage locations are also relevant (see below) for PESO certification.

List of PESO Relevant Components for India:

  • Gas cylinders/valves/regulators
  • Pressure vessels and their fittings
  • Gas cylinder filling plants
  • Factories for the manufacture of pressure vessels and their fittings, gas cylinder valves, LPG regulators and petroleum tankers and their fittings
  • CNG filling stations
  • Storage facilities for filled gas cylinders
  • Storage facilities for compressed gases in pressure vessels
  • Car LPG dispensers
  • LPG filling plants
  • Flameproof, intrinsically safe and special electrical equipment suitable for use in hazardous areas with flammable gases/vapours
  • Flameproof equipment
  • Mechanical components installed in hazardous areas
  • Petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, calcium carbide factories and acetylene gas generating plants
  • Petroleum tanks in seagoing vessels for the issuance of gas free certificates for the authorisation of hot work, entry into such tanks and entry into such vessels in docks
  • Long-distance petroleum pipelines
  • Petroleum pipelines
  • Petroleum tankers
  • Petroleum filling stations
  • Calcium carbide storage rooms
  • Explosives
  • Factories for the production of explosives
  • Storage rooms for explosives
  • Explosives trucks, portable explosives magazines, mixing and delivery vehicles for on-site manufacture of explosives, vehicles for transporting compressed gases in pressure vessels and petroleum tankers
  • Factories for the manufacture of fireworks
  • Warehouses and shops for fireworks
  • On-site manufacture of explosives in Bulk Mixing and Delivery [BMD] vehicles

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