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BIS continues to monitor non-compliant motorbike helmets

18. November 2021

Six months after the introduction of mandatory certification for the production and sale of motorbike helmets, the Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS) continues to conduct inspections at producers and markets. Motorbike helmets have been required to carry an ISI test mark since 1 June 2021, and the BIS has now received around 20 complaints about non-compliance or misuse of the test mark. The law enables the BIS and authorised authorities to carry out random checks on producers and dealers of motorbike helmets.

Although the BIS has already received complaints or tips regarding non-certified helmets, a spokesperson had to admit to omissions and delays on the part of the authority. Due to the continuing Covid 19 situation, on-site inspections are not possible, the spokesperson explained. These would begin immediately as soon as the situation permits, he added. Meanwhile, Rajeev Kapoor, president of the Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturers Association, supports the recently introduced scheme. “Manufacturing substandard helmets is like manufacturing fake medicines: Both can be fatal,” Kapoor said. The BIS enforced clear marking and identification with a verification number on gold and jewellery some time ago. Kapoor would like to see the same for motorbike helmets: “In Europe, the test and quality seals will be attached to helmets in a tamper-proof manner so that consumers can trace authenticity and the manufacturer.” Unworn or substandard helmets are the leading cause of death from motorbike accidents in India, accounting for 78 per cent. In 2019, 56,000 motorcyclists were killed in road accidents, 43,600 of them were not wearing a helmet. The number of fatalities due to a substandard helmet is not known due to lack of data.
In India, many product groups are subject to BIS certification, similar to DIN/ISO/EN standards. The specifications are defined by the BIS standards, and the product list is continuously expanded or adapted. BIS stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards and is the Indian national certification body under the umbrella of the Indian Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution. It is the central awarding body for BIS certification.
Since 2012, the BIS has been gradually expanding the certification catalog and continuously adding additional goods. BIS certification mandatory for many electronic products for industrial and consumer uses. Factory inspections are also required for some products.
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