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Bureau of Indian Standards – BIS

3. May 2023

What does BIS stand for?

BIS stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards, the national standardization authority in India. On April 1, 1987, BIS took over all the functions of the Indian Standards Institution (ISI), effectively replacing it. The agency is the largest of all Indian certification bodies and plays an essential role in the standardization of Indian quality standards. BIS has its headquarters in New Delhi and several regional and local offices throughout India.

What does the BIS do?

In its function as certification body, BIS is responsible for a number of important certifications on the Indian market. These include, above all, BIS certification, which is mandatory for numerous different product groups.

Overall, BIS performs many different activities, such as standards formulation, product certification (BIS certification), laboratory services, training services, etc.

However, the most important and recognized objective of BIS is the formulation and establishment of standards for products for their certification. In addition, the authority also ensures the harmonious development of activities in the fields of standardization, labeling and quality certification of goods.

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Robert Goral

Robert Goral