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CCoE (Chief Controller of Explosives, PESO)

3. May 2023

Chief Controller of Explosives, CCoE for short, is the official title of the head of the authority of PESO, which issues the PESO certification of the same name. PESO is a state institution that implements national laws and is divided into individual offices.
Since the CCoE is responsible for issuing all certificates, the certification was often called CCoE certification in the past. Since 2010, the certificates officially bear the name of the authority, the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization, or PESO.

So are PESO and CCoE synonymous?

So PESO describes the authority, but CCoE describes the working title of the chairman of that authority. Thus, both terms refer to the same authority. Since the CCoE is ultimately responsible for issuing the certificates, the terms are synonymous with reference to certification in practice. Nevertheless, it is correct to speak of a “PESO certificate” and only secondarily of a “CCoE approval”.

Robert Goral

MPR Author

Robert Goral

Robert Goral