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Ministry of Heavy Industries

3. May 2023

The Ministry of Heavy Industries in India is responsible for promoting the engineering industry, including machine tools, heavy electrical industry, industrial machinery as well as the automotive industry. In addition, the authority manages 29 central public sector enterprises (CPSEs) and 4 autonomous organizations. These CPSEs are engaged in manufacturing and consulting and contracting services, covering a wide range of products. These include, for example, boilers, gas/steam/water turbines, industrial machinery, turbo generators, tricycles, tractors, and consumer goods such as paper, salt, tires, and watches. The Ministry also ensures the supply of key production resources to the engineering industry, such as steel, non-ferrous metals, energy, fertilizers, paper, cement, sugar, etc.


In this regard, the Ministry also administers the following institutions:

  • Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), incl. ARAI – Forging Industry Division
  • Fluid Control Research Institute (FCRI)
  • NATRIP Implementation Society (NAT’S)
  • Zentrales Institut für Fertigungstechnologie (CMTI)
  • National Automotive Board (NAB)

In order to effectively promote the growth of the industry, the Ministry is in constant dialogue with industry associations. This includes supporting policy initiatives, appropriate tariff and trade restructuring measures, promoting technological cooperation and modernization, as well as research and development activities, etc.

Many heavy industry products require a BIS-certification in India or also a PESO-certification if the products are used in hazardous areas.

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Robert Goral

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Robert Goral

Robert Goral