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Hyundai’s Genesis likely to be introduced to the Indian market

2. September 2021

Hyundai’s Genesis joins the competition for automotive luxury brands on India’s roads, along with Germany’s Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi as well as Jaguar-Land Rover and Lexus, also including the Korean company’s electric offerings. The introduction is planned via an extended import route, although the option of importing the assembled cars is being discussed, in order to evade the increased import duty. Both modes will require extensive certification of components and homologation, respectively with Indian AIS certifications and BIS certifications .

The luxury brand Genesis has been available in South-Korea since its launch in 2015, as well as in the US. So far Genesis has made additional debuts in China and most recently in Europe. It is most likely that the Indian market is targeted next.

It is still too early to talk about definitive dates, said Hyundai India MD and CEO S S Kim, but feasibility studies have already begun. The biggest competition will be German luxury car makers and Hyundai is closely observing the reasons for their success and how new brands are being introduced to the market.
Despite being a mainstream car brand, Hyundai’s Genesis has already made a strong impact on the US and South Korean markets. The brand philosophy and values are different between Hyunday and Genesis, he said. Just like Toyota with Lexus and Nissan with Infiniti, Genesis has been created as a separate luxury extension of the Korean carmakers main leg.

AIS stands for Automotive Industry Standards, the technical automotive standards for India, while TAC stands for Type Approval Certificate. This kind of automotive product certifiation is conducted by authorities like the International Center for Automotive Technology (iCAT).
BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards and since 2012, the BIS has been gradually expanding the certification catalog and continuously adding additional goods. BIS certification is mandatory for many electronic products for industrial and consumer uses. Factory inspections are also required for some products.
Depending on the product category, there are different certification steps. We will be happy to advise you on certification in India like AIS, BIS, WPC, TEC or PESO and are always available to answer your questions.
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