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Implementation of New Standard IS 1293 for Plugs and Sockets for BIS Certification

12. October 2023

BIS has issued a notice under Scheme-I (ISI) through the Quality Control Order (QCO) that the application of IS 1293:2005 will continue until October 23, 2023. After October 23, 2023, the 2005 version will be withdrawn and IS 1293:2019 will come into force. The standards are relevant for BIS certification under the BIS ISI Scheme.

This standard was revised in 2019 and published as IS 1293:2019. Currently, both versions, 2005 and 2019 of IS 1293 are valid. They will remain valid until October 23, 2023, after which the 2005 version will be withdrawn, and the 2019 version will remain in force.

This document provides an indicative list for the coverage of connector types in the scope of IS 1293:2005 and IS 1293:2019 for the information of various stakeholders.

See table below

Connector varieties that fall within the scope of IS 1293:2019 and varieties that did not fall under IS 1293:2005 but are covered by IS 1293:2019.

It is also noted that there will be no further extension of the parallel validity of IS 1293:2005 and IS 1293:2019 after October 23, 2023.

All licensees are hereby informed to take necessary steps to ensure the implementation of the revised IS 1293:2019 within the time norms and to ensure that after October 23, 2023, the varieties which are not included in IS 1293:2019 are no longer available from the licensees and/or their dealers.

Sr. No.Product Description & RatingIS 1293:2005IS 1293:2019
16A, 3Pin Socket (2P+E)Included in ScopeIncluded in Scope
26/16A Socket (2P+E)Included in ScopeIncluded in Scope
36A & 16A Plugs (2P+E)Included in ScopeIncluded in Scope
42.5 & 6A Plug portable (Non Rewirable )Included in ScopeIncluded in Scope
516A Plug (Non Rewireable)Not included in ScopeIncluded in Scope

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