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Indian government to facilitate the regulatory environment for telecommunications

15. January 2020

During the India Mobile Congress held in October 2019, Vodafone Idea CEO Birla encouraged the Indian government to modernise existing telecommunications regulations and laws. In India, the number of users of broadband services such as the Internet and mobile communication has risen massively in recent years to 600 million and is only surpassed by China. According to experts, new services such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics will be the driving forces behind future digital growth.

The country’s telecommunications companies are determined to support the growth of the industry, but need a “favourable regulatory environment” to ensure that they have the necessary resources to make appropriate investments and stay on the cutting edge of technology, Birla said on the margins of the congress. After only four years of the “Digital India” project initiated by the Indian government, the country has become the second fastest growing digital economy. The industry’s contribution to India’s total economic output recently exceeded 7.5 percent or 200 billion US dollars. According to the Vodafone boss, however, this is only the beginning of a journey for the country’s economy and population.
The main actor of the rapid digital growth in India is undoubtedly the infrastructure of the mobile service providers. India’s three leading telecommunications companies have invested more than $84 billion over the past four years in mobile networks and infrastructure to build a nationwide 4G network. According to Birla, however, the development is far from complete. New trends and technologies such as automation, virtual reality and blockchain will require further capacity expansion. “The progressive networking of cities, buildings, vehicles and industry will fundamentally change the economy worldwide and also in India”, Birla explained at a presentation of the future plans of his company Vodafone. Benefit from the growth in India. Certain electronic products and telecommunications equipment require certification for the Indian market: BIS registration for electronic products, TEC certification for telecommunications equipment and WPC approval for wireless equipment. We are happy to advise you on Indian certifications with our experienced international team.

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