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Manufacturers of Protective Textiles Now Require BIS Certification for Export to India

14. December 2023

Manufacturers of various protective textiles must now obtain BIS certification in  order to export their products to India. This development affects a wide range of products, including fire-resistant curtains, upholstery composites for non-domestic furniture, and specialized protective clothing for firefighters and industrial workers. In addition, high-visibility clothing, tactical equipment such as 3-point carrying slings and bulletproof vests also fall under this requirement.

The Indian Standards (IS) for these protective textile products have been established to ensure safety and quality. For example, IS 15741:2007 specifies resistance to ignition of curtains and curtains, while IS 16890:2018 defines the requirements for protective clothing for firefighters. Other specifications include IS 15748:2022 for protective clothing for industrial workers exposed to heat and IS 17051:2018 for bulletproof vests. These standards not only establish the minimum safety criteria, but also comply with international standards and aim to increase the protection and reliability of these products.

The implementation of BIS certification for these products is an important step towards strengthening safety standards. It reflects India’s commitment to ensuring that protective textiles meet strict quality controls. This measure is expected to have a significant impact on domestic and foreign manufacturers, who will now need to meet these standards to gain access to the Indian market. This move not only improves the safety of these products, but also boosts consumer confidence in their effectiveness and reliability.

Indian Standard (IS)Title
IS 15741:2007Textiles - Resistance to ignition of curtains and curtains
IS 15768:2008Textiles - Resistance to ignition of upholstery composites for non-domestic furniture
IS 16890:2018Textiles - Protective clothing for firefighters
IS 16874:2018Textiles - Protective gloves for firefighters
IS 15748:2022Textiles – Protective clothing for industrial workers exposed to heat (except firefighter and welding clothing)
IS 15742:2007Textiles - Requirements for clothing made of materials with limited flame propagation and combinations of materials providing protection against heat and flame
IS 15809:2017High Visibility Clothing
IS 16655:2017Textiles – protective clothing for welding and related processes
IS 16725:2018Textiles - Tactical 3-Point Carrying Sling Universal
IS 16726:2018Textiles - Camouflage Nylon 66 Ammunition & Grenade Pouches
IS 17051:2018Textiles - Bulletproof jackets - Performance requirements
IS 17286:2016Textiles – Waterproof Multi-Purpose Rain Poncho with Convertibility as a Bivouac

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For more information about BIS certification, please refer to our free brochure “BIS Certification Made Easy“.

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