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New Amendment of Central Motor Vehicles Rules Published October 1, 2019

2. October 2019

In 1989 India’s first Central Motor Vehicle Rule (CMVR) was introduced. The CMVR are the rules which include regulations regarding to driver’s license, registration of motorized vehicles, traffic control, building and maintenance of motorized vehicles and more.
Since the initial introduction of these rules, they have been amended on a regular basis. The amendment notice is published twice a year on of April 1st and October 1st. The industry welcomes this step, as this makes it easier to know when updates will occur and the test labs can adjust their testing schedules and submit CMVR conformity certificates.

The CMVR amendment 2019 contains many changes, including changes related to road safety. Fines for offences will be raised to reduce the amount of accidents and improve the road safety in India. With the new amendments it is possible to get a one-month imprisonment for speeding and penalties up to six-months imprisonment for offences related to accidents.
Driving without driver’s license, drunk driving and dangerous driving maneuvers will be punished with higher fines (e.g. the fine for driving without driver’s license will be increase by 10 times to what would be 64 Euros converted).
These changes are very important since India experiences many car accidents. Since 2000 the road length has increased by 39%, whereas the number of motorizes vehicles has increased by 158%, raising the likelihood of road incidence disproportionately.
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