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New list of tests for telecom devices with 5G interface

27. April 2023

The TEC Mobile Technologies division, which is responsible for creating standards and specifications for testing Mobile Technologies, has completed the list of tests to be performed on telecom devices with a 5G cellular interface. At present, the tests are only included in the Essential Requirements document (ER) titled Mobile User Equipment, which is not currently regulated by MTCTE.
Telecommunications equipment typically requires TEC certification to be approved for import and distribution in India. 

The following product variants are covered by the list:

  1. Mobile Data Card or Dongle with WiFi
  2. Mobile Data Card or Dongle without WiFi
  3. Mobile Handset
  4. Mobile Handset without Data
  5. Mobile Tablet

The values to be tested are divided into the following parameter categories for each product variant, among others:

  • Parameters Linked with Product Variant
  • 5G NR- FR1 and FR2 interworking with other Radios
  • 5G NR (FR1)
  • 5G NR (FR2)
  • CDMA
  • GSM or GPRS or EDGE
  • LTE or LTE-A
  • WiFi

Contact us for more detailed information on the necessary product tests and the relevant standards.
TEC certification for telecommunication products is provided as a mandatory test certification according to the MTCTE (Mandatory Testing Certification of Telecommunication Equipment) regulations.

TEC Certification has been around many years before 2019 as a voluntary certification, but since April 2019 the certification has been mandatory and every year the Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) expands the certification catalog and adds more telecom products. See the list of TEC standards here.

If you are interested in understanding what requirements are needed for your product to be imported into India, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone (Europe: +49-69-271 37 69 261, US: +1 773 654-2673). There is no cost or obligation for us to check for you. If a certification need is discovered we can provide a quotation to make sure that all your certification needs are covered.

For more information about TEC certification, please refer to our free brochure “TEC Certification Made Easy“.

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