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New requirements for satellite receivers and set-top boxes to be expected

15. July 2020

The Indian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRAI) recommends that all satellite receivers and set-top boxes for cable TV must be compatible with each other and requested the relevant ministry to issue a directive. Currently, set-top boxes for cable TV in particular are tied to a specific provider. If the customer wants to change the provider, he must buy or rent a new device. According to the recommendation of the TRAI, all set-top boxes in India should be interchangeable, a spokesperson said. The TRAI also calls for the mandatory installation of a USB port for all receivers and TV sets in India. The authority proposes the setting-up of a committee with representatives from the Ministry of Electronics and IT, the TRAI, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and television manufacturers. The committee is to revise and harmonise the current standards for set-top boxes for both satellite reception and cable TV.

The Ministry of Broadcasting (MIB) will also require a clause in the contracts of satellite or cable TV providers to ensure that they only offer compatible equipment or allow customers to use equipment they have purchased themselves from the open market. In cooperation with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the Ministry will issue appropriate guidelines for set-top boxes. Within six months, the Indian industry is expected to implement the “DVB CI+ 2.0 Standard” in line with the European ETSI standard. One of the new features is to provide all devices with a manufacturer and system independent USB-based connection, said the TRAI. In addition, manufacturers must from now on equip all new TV sets with receivers for both satellite and cable reception. The national broadcasting authority WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination), which is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is responsible for the approval of receivers in India. In most cases, only an equipment type approval (ETA) is relevant for foreign producers. The WPC certification is used synonymously with the ETA abroad. We would be pleased to support you with the WPC registration and are also at your disposal for any questions you may have.
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