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Team Event 2022 for MPR International in Frankfurt

15. September 2022

This year’s team event of MPR International took place on September 14, 2022. After a long time of planning, a date was found where all members of the team from Germany could come together.


After the preliminary sports program in the form of stand-up paddling (SUP) on the river Main had to be postponed for the time being due to rain, the group gathered in the evening for a joint cooking class, which was professionally guided.

Under the helpful and instructive supervision of the professional chef from Ketao present, a wonderful 6-course meal was prepared in collaboration. The dishes were refined according to the recommendations of the chef, with magnificent results.

The event offered a lot of opportunity for exchange and there with an excellent atmosphere. The sociability and the gathering of all employees from Germany was a special and valuable experience for us all. We are glad that everyone enjoyed it and are grateful for the strong team spirit that prevails in our company.

MPR International would also like to thank its customers for their continued trust. We continue to be at your disposal for professional consulting and implementation of certification projects world-wide.

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