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PESO Certification Application Documents – India

3. May 2023

PESO certification meaning

PESO is the abbreviation for the Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation of India and thus describes the certification for all products used in potentially explosive environments.

An existing ATEX or IECEx certification and its test reports serve as an important basis for certification. These must be enclosed with the application.

The PESO certification process sounds simple at first glance. However, of all Indian certifications, the series of documents to be submitted is the most comprehensive.

Which documents are required to apply for the PESO license:

  • Application documents
  • IECEx or ATEX certificates
    Test reports of the certificates (as up-to-date as possible)
  • Product list
  • Name and address of the Indian representative
  • Extract from the commercial register / official company licence
  • Company organization chart including responsible contact persons for PESO (quality manager and Indian representative mainly)
  • Product brochures and technical data sheets of all components
  • List of used machines for the production of the parts concerned
  • List of used test instruments (in house) for the parts concerned
  • Sales figures for the parts concerned over the last three years
  • Annual sales figures for the last three years and projected sales figures for India
  • Customer reviews for affected products

These documents must all be submitted at the same time and are then examined by the authority. If the PESO has queries about the application for PESO certification and corrections may be necessary, the authority usually gives only a very short deadline for this. It is therefore extremely important to prepare all documents correctly from the beginning and to submit them as complete as possible with the application.

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