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New Indian Regulation on BIS Certification for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys 2023

21. December 2023

On August 31, 2023, the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry together with the Ministry of Mines published a new regulation for the quality control of aluminum and aluminum alloys. This will come into force three months after the publication date, on January 1, 2024. Aluminum and similar material products (such as steel) generally require BIS Certification to be approved for import and trade in India.

The regulations only apply to materials that are produced and used domestically, or that are imported. Products for the export market are not affected. Certification is carried out by the Bureau of Indian Standards, or BIS for short.

According to the regulation of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the following products require both BIS-ISI certification and a corresponding mark (ISI Mark):

Aluminum and aluminum alloys

Indian StandardTitle
7092 (Part 1):1992Aluminium alloy tubes for irrigation purposes -welded tubes
7092 (Part 2):1987Aluminium alloy tube for irrigation purposes -extruded tube
5484:1997EC Grade Aluminium Rod produced by Continuous Casting and Rolling
733:1983Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy bars, rods and sections (For General Engineering Purposes)
734:1975Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys, forging stock and forgings for general engineering purposes
736:1986Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy plate for general engineering purposes
737:2008Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy sheet and strip for general engineering purposes
739:1992Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy wire for general engineering purposes
740:1977Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy rivet stock for general engineering purposes
5082:1998Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy bars, rods, tubes, sections, plates and sheets for electrical applications
16011:2012Aluminium and aluminium alloy foil for pharmaceutical packaging
17682:2021Aluminium composite panel
1285:2002rought aluminium and aluminium alloys Extruded round tube and hollow sections for general engineering purposes
2067:1975Wrought Aluminium Wire for Electrical Purposes
2.2583333333333Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys for manufacture of utensils
1254:2007Corrugated Aluminium Sheet
7902:2001Aluminium alloy forging stock and forgings (Alloy 24345) for aerospace applications

This list is supplemented by the Ministry of Mines Ordinance to include other aluminium products:

ProductsIndian StandardTitle
Aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots and castingsIS 617:1994Cast aluminium and its alloys - Ingots and castings for general engineering purposes
High purity primary aluminium ingotIS 11890:1987Specification for high purity primary aluminium ingot for remelting for special applications
Aluminium alloy ingots for bearingsIS 6754:1972Specification for aluminium alloy ingots for remelting for general engineering purpose
Primary aluminium ingots for remeltingIS 2590:1987Specification for Primary aluminium ingots for remelting for general engineering purpose
Aluminium ingots billets and wire bars (EC GRADE)IS 4026: 2023Aluminium ingots billets and wire bars (EC GRADE)

If you are interested in understanding what requirements are needed for your product to be imported into India, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone (Europe: +49-69-271 37 69 261, US: +1 773 654-2673). There is no cost or obligation for us to check for you. If a certification need is discovered we can provide a quotation to make sure that all your certification needs are covered.

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For more information about BIS certification, please refer to our free brochure “BIS Certification Made Easy“.

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