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Changes in India for market surveillance of registered products

It has recently been announced that the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), responsible for monitoring the BIS standards, has introduced a new procedure for market surveillance of registered products. The new procedure applies to all products listed by BIS on three different lists since August 2017. Instead of the Ministry, the STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) now administrates the monitoring process.

This includes the procurement, storage and delivery of test samples as well as the collection of fees. The new process also requires the fees to be paid in advance to the STPI in order to finance its monitoring activities. The proposed changes require manufacturers to submit a list to the STPI of all products previously registered with BIS with the corresponding sales price for each product. Once the STPI has reviewed each applicant’s product list, a certain amount must be transferred to the STPI. The amount consists of the sales price, testing fees, transport and packaging, and storage.

The fees will be comparable to the previous costs for BIS monitoring. The key difference is that the fees will now have to be paid in advance. Once the amount has been determined by the STPI, it can either be transferred directly by the manufacturer or by an authorised Indian representative to the Authority’s account.

We recommend that manufacturers begin compiling the necessary documentation to prepare for submission to STPI in a timely manner. Since the documentation requirements vary depending on the target group of registered products, please contact us for more information on creating the required documentation for your product type.

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